Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mmm mmm good!

I just got this meme from Amanda A. The deal is, you are given a letter and then you post 10 things you like that begin with that letter. I got “M”. Here we go!

Men. And this is not going where you think it is (although I love that too). I've always had a ton of male friends and now seems no exception. Guy friends are great because they're fun, there's usually very little drama, and not only can you flirt with them recreationally without weirdness, they can decode male behavior when it just doesn't make a bit of sense.

Melted cheese. No explanation needed here. Melted cheese makes everything better.

Mexican food. Given, it's closely related to the item listed above, but I'm having more trouble than anticipated thinking of 10 things I really like that start with "M." Last night my mom and I went to the newish Mexican food place here in town. It's a little hole in the wall, but it's really good, and they have the BEST shrimp quesadillas I've ever had. Last night I decided to be adventurous and ordered the "Victor" special. It was two cheese enchiladas covered with queso and piled high with grilled chicken and fresh pico de gallo. Oh my GOD. It was amazing. Very fresh, very stringy with cheese, and I love chicken any way you cook it. And the best part? It was free! My mom works for the city and she knowns the owners, so they comped our meal. A big tip was in order. And I have plenty of leftovers for lunch or dinner today.

My Mom. I don't talk about my mom nearly enough here, but I have to tell you, she is the most fantastic mom anywhere ever. And pretty much everyone I know would agree and sing her praises far and wide. What's so great about my Mom? Too many things to list really. She's fun and outgoing and sweet and kinda warped (like me). Everyone who meets her adores her.

Modernists. I took a class over Modernist lit. last year, and while it was a hell of a lot to read (and I didn't make it through all the books), I do love the time period and the majority of the authors who came out of that particular movement. I'm talking about some of my all-time favorites: T.S. Eliot ("The Waste Land" is genius), F. Scott Fitzgerald (so screwed up, so yummy), Hemingway (annoyed me as a teen, thrills me now) Zora Neale Hurston (can't get enough of her). Not to mention the new-to-me faves like Willa Cather (must read more of her stuff soon), Henry Roth (ditto here).

Mediterranean food. Because if you're running low on items, list types of food. I can't say that I'm terribly well-versed in Mediterranean food, but what I have had, I loooooooved. Fadi's is a fantastic little cafeteria-style restaurant in Dallas (maybe I'll blog about it next) that Elise and I went to once (must go again soon). It's great for newbies to Mediterranean because everything is laid out in front of you for easy pointing and gawking, and they have a sampler plate that's relatively inexpensive ($11-$14 if I remember correctly) and really is a bit of EVERYTHING. As I recall there were several dippers (hummus, baba ghanouj, and something else tasty), somewhere between 8 and 12 veggies and salads, and a choice of meat. Never before have I contemplated being a vegetarian, but Fadi's convinced me that veggies can be satisfying and wonderful all on their own.

Meme's! I love doing them myself, but I love reading others' just as much. We generally get to know each others' ideologies and inner voices through the blogs, but knowing what someone had for breakfast can be just as interesting, surprising, and delightful sometimes.

Markers. I could color with markers all day. I know, it's a very 6-year-old thing to do, but I still love it.

Making stuff. I make all kinds of stuff when I have time. I do paper crafts (cards, bookmarks, etc.), paint, draw, make other household items like magnets and whatnot. Now I just need more time!

Maniacal laughter! I love laughing uncontrollably. There's nothing better than laughing so hard that you almost cry and end up wheezing in a pile on the floor. In a good way, of course.

If you'd like a letter of your very own, ask me in the comments section!


  1. I'm hurting for material. Go ahead and throw me a letter (didn't I do this for you once?).

  2. Os, I don't think you've done this for me before, but I could be completely balls wrong.

    I'll give you "R".

  3. yum.... melted cheese...

  4. I need more time too for crafting. Wah. What's the new Mexican restaurant? I love trying new places. Have you been to Los Lupes? It's cheap and good. They have several locations in the DFW area.

  5. LOL, Amanda. Cheddar or mozarella? :)

    Iliana, it's called Fiestas. It's wayyyy out here northeast of Dallas, but I think they have another location in Garland somewhere. I haven't been to Los Lupes! I'll have to try it and maybe blog about it on the Dallas blog. Have you ever been to one in/near Deep Ellum called Monica's Aca y Alla? It was on the food network recently and I hadn't heard of it before.

  6., melted cheese and mexican. Three perfect things right there!

    My mom used to live in Garland!

  7. I finally posted my meme today. Good thing I didn't read yours first. I got an M, too! Got it from Bellezza (who got hers from Lotus). Looks like the only item we duplicated was the Mexican food.

  8. That's right! I forgot that she lived in Garland, Heatheroo. And yes, Mexican, melted cheese, and men go together like peas and carrots.

    Soj, I officially bestow upon you....the letter....."H".

    Les, I enjoyed reading yours and I can't believe that I forgot music and movies!! Geesh! Those are a given for me.

  9. Melted Cheese on Men? MMMMMMMmmmmm? Or Messy?

    May I have a letter please?

  10. Lulu, I now bestow upon you....."P"!

  11. Oh God, melted cheese is the greatest. EVER. I just want like, a bowl of it.


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