Thursday, February 08, 2007

Neck deep....

I'm neck deep in my thesis! This is good news since I've been supremely uninspired to this point. Now I find myself staying up late in order to squeeze in just a few more minutes of writing. So far, so good. I should have this bizzle wrapped up in a couple of weeks.

If I'm quiet for short stretches, now you know why!


  1. YAY! I knew inspiration would strike eventually! You're too brilliant for it not too! Now burn it up and get it done!

  2. Rock it out girlfriend! I know you'll get it all done and it'll be great.

  3. Thanks, Heatheroo!

    Soj, thanky!

    Funkay, the getting it over with part is what really thrills me.

  4. (Insert inappropriate comment here)

  5. Way to go, Andi! Keep it up! By the way, I moved my blog back to blogger (no more tagworld) and I am only blogging about books now...just thought you would like the new address...Good luck with the thesis!

  6. Hazaa! Excellent! Keep up the work! Think how amazing it will feel to turn this sucker in and

  7. Good to see you, Todd! I was beginning to wonder if you didn't love me anymore.

    Thanks for the link, Kim! I love your bookish blog!

    Amen, Courtney!!

  8. Lucky.

    I HAVE to write another chapter this week. Don't really wanna, however. I just want to read. For fun.

  9. I have to finish chapter 2 today (need maybe 3 more pages). Next week will be devoted to busting through chapter 3 and 4. Although, those are less pre-done than the first 2, so it may take a lil longer. Ugg! Time crunch!


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