Saturday, February 10, 2007

We made the homepage...

I was adding foodie links to the sidebar over there (you'll notice there's now a "Food" drop box for blogs, restaurants, bars, etc.) when I checked on our local pub's website and discovered that my friends and I have made the homepage. Holy crap. It's a pic from last semester featuring (left to right)

Jeremy in the cap, Charles in the plaid driving cap, myself with the curls, T., Goose with his supa-fro, and Beth. As if we weren't officially lushes before, having our pic on the homepage takes things to a new level.


  1. Ooh--local celebrities!! Will you be doing autographs or anything? Personal appearances? Guest appearances at other pubs? Free beer for life? Did you sign a contract? Is there an "out" clause? Do FOAs (Friends of Andi) get any special perks? Can you tell I'm excited??

  2. That's so funny! That's the thing about today's technological society, you never know when you're going to be on the front page of a pub website! :)

  3. Os, exciting isn't it!!! I definitely think we should get free beer for life, but if that were the case I'm afraid we wouldn't have a pub to drink in anymore.

    Heather, LOL!

    Very true, anon! You never know where you'll be faced with your own face.

  4. How cool is that! I agree with Os, you should get free beer for life. Or at least the first round on the house.

    If you're ever in Fort Worth up on Camp Bowie, there's a billboard for JKS salon, featuring 2 women and a man. The blonde is my daughter. I think I posted about this over on my Rachel blog. She got free highlights and styling for a while after that.

  5. Les, great idea! I'll propose the free first round idea the next time I'm in.

    I think I've seen that Billboard! I remember now that you mentioned it, and when I was at MacHenry's (Irish pub) awhile back, I think I saw it! I'm glad you mentioned it. Your daughter is gorgeous, by the way.


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