Friday, March 02, 2007

Douchebags, every one...

Pardon the crass rant ahead...

According to the Urban Dictionary:

1. An object used for vaginal hygeine.
2. A student or instructor at the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.
I don't know about that Minnesota thing, but I certainly do know that at my respective university there is an overabundance of douchebags, and if we apply the douchebag sentiment to a verb: douchebaggery. Let's investigate....

This is a douchebag. The real thing. Not exactly what I'm going for.

President Bush. Hmm, much closer to what I'm going for.

Now I think we've hit the nail on the head. Whether we're talking about the douchebaggery of the students in my classes or the ingrates in the registrar's office, this cartoon really captures the essence of the douchebags and their respective douchebaggery.

I have to ask myself what it is about my students that makes them

1) incapable of turning a paper in on time
2) incapable of following a writing prompt
3) incapable of understanding why ignoring the prompt or turning their work in late is inappropriate

Furthermore, I don't understand why

1) the ingrates in the registrar's office can't send a transcript correctly the first time
2) can't send a corrected transcript to one of the schools to which I applied for a PhD
3) they can't answer the phone when I call them to straighten out the mess
4) return my call even after I've firmly but politely requested that they do so

Perhaps the university students eventually end up working on the university staff?


  1. Vinegar and water run through their veins in lieu of blood.

  2. Its gotta be global warming, the little tablets that we found, or the F*****S.

  3. So true, Todd. Oh so true.

    Fem, I vote for the tablets. :)

  4. I think people in registrar's offices came over from the driver's license bureau. Can you think of two worse places? We went to get kiddo his permit. You take a number, right? They called #29 and then . . . #28. #28. #28. Everyone in the waiting area was snickering and rolling eyes, saying, "It should be #30 next." They moved on to #29. #29. #29. Ahem. #29 is IN THERE. Sheesh.

  5. LMAO, BF! Great story. I think they must harvest these people from warped petri dishes.

  6. i hate these people. i am from qc where the taxes are crazy, instead of being charged the cheep tuition I was charged as an international student - 10K more each year. The kept on 'losing my proofs' and after a few months of chasing I had to hire a lawyer because they refused to allow me into the school until I paid the foreign fees.

    thats university.
    i assume your taing?

  7. Nessie, that's an insane situation. Glad to say things aren't quite that effed up here (maybe I should knock on some wood).

    I am indeed TA'ing and it's a harrowing experience at times!

  8. that I've stopped laughing, I guess I can see the problem!! Other than Bush of course, since he IS a huge problem!!

    I hope you iron out your problems with your ph.D application. That would drive me crazy!


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