Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Let's compare..

Andi on a normal day. Notice the sparkly eyes, the pleasant, somewhat introspective demeanor.

Now we have the unrested, overloaded, must-take-to-the-clock-tower look. I'm not quite there yet, but I'm getting closer the more sleep I lose. Kids, I implore you. Never grow up.

Note: I think I took this picture when I had some sort of plague a few months ago. The irony is that I'd just woken up from a multi-hour nap at the time. How I wish I could nap right now.

2nd Photo Removed in Order to Preserve What's Left of My Dignity

This public service announcement brought to you by another sleepless night at my house.

If I didn't have to be up at 7am, I would mainline some Tylenol PM right now.

Listening: "Stop This Train"...John Mayer


  1. Stay strong! You can do it!

  2. eeeeekkkkk- I feel ya girl.

    It's in times like these when I turn to my friend the sleeping pill. Maybe tonight??

  3. Usually, I'm all in favor of having you post pictures of yourself. You do it too infrequently. But this scares the hell out of me...

    You need to pamper the hell out of yourself and relax! Then in about 4 weeks--be ready to partay!

  4. Thanks, Nik!

    Cold, I'm thinking you're right. My Ativan stash is calling.

    Os, you can handle it. Haven't you ever seen a girl who fell asleep in her makeup? Racoon eyes abound.

  5. That's hawt!

    Damn girl. Really, get some sleep tonight! You worry me so.

  6. If it's any consolation, the world of work isn't much better!! I'd go back to the days of academia in a heartbeat!!

  7. Aww.

    But at least we got to eat ice cream today...

  8. Oh, dear ...

    I think you need to use one of those bath fizzy things you bought and relax!

    I can't take tylenol PMs - they give me a hangover the next day. But unisom is my friend. :)

  9. LOL, don't worry, Heatheroo. The insomnia isn't as bad as it was this time last year.

    Good point, Stephanie! :)

    E., and it was SO yummy. Birthday Cake Remix is my new favorite thing.

    Les, Tylenol PM gives me a bit of a hangover, too. Maybe I'll try unisom sometime. And I tried out the cherry blossom bath fizzy the other night. HEAVEN!

  10. I love your hair/highlights Andi!

  11. Sleep... That's an issue with me, too. I don't even have a valid excuse now as my kids are old enough they don't need to be formally "put to bed," nor does their crying wake me up at night anymore. Usually. The other night my daughter *did* scare a few years off my life appearing by my bed in the middle of the night (with a raging sore throat so painful it made her cry), but mostly my sleep-deprivation is my own doing. I'm either up late reading/writing/working or I'm up late decompressing from a day spent with too much mental activity. I so know what you're talking about... I personally can't put my brain to bed at night. It runs around the room, pulling things off shelves and laughing maniacally, 'til all hours of the night. Bad, bad brain!

    Still, through it all, you're looking disgustingly pretty for someone with sleep deprivation! Stop it... ;-)

  12. I just have to say that you're gorgeous. :)

  13. You are beautiful no matter what.


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