Saturday, March 10, 2007

More goodies...bookish and otherwise...

I happened upon a clothing sale today. I walked away with 8 tops and 2 bottoms for...get this...$130. Almost all of the items were buy one...get this...get one for A DOLLAR! And, no, I wasn't at Goodwill. For the clothes whores, here's a short description of each:
  • camo capris
  • brown cargo pedal pushers
  • black t-shirt hoodie thing with rockish print on front
  • black tee with red swirly something on the front
  • 3 plain fitted tees for casual wear or layering for work (brown, black, navy)
  • a blue/white/grey/silver striped button-up for work
  • coral tunic with mild embellishment around the neck and 3/4-length sleeves
  • black "corset-like" lace blouse (corset-like because it has silver hooks down the middle)

I really needed some casual clothes, so now I feel ready for summer to arrive (any was 80 today).

Aside from all the great clothes, I picked up the newest SIMS2 expansion pack and have already wasted hours playing it. Seasons is a great addition for any SIMS2 lover. Now my SIMS can fish!!! And garden! And freeze to death during the winter!

I've become rather addicted to a website called BookMooch. For those who might not be familiar with this literary genius, BookMooch is a site at which you can inventory books you'd like to give away and then people mooch them. Likewise you can mooch books off of others as well. You earn points for doing good things like adding books to inventory (1/10 of a point), giving books away (a point for each shipped within your home country, 3 points to other countries), and likewise it costs you a point to get books from folks within your own country, etc. It's been a great way to clear out some space on my shelves, and I've mooched somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 books so far. And all it costs is the price of shipping (usually $1-$2 if I ship books via media mail). If you haven't joined yet, DO IT! Go! You'll love it!

Review coming up for The Invention of Hugo Cabret, a fantastic novel/graphic novel/children's book concoction I just finished.


  1. I've been thinking about joining BookMooch lately, and I'm keeping an eye on it, but the only thing stopping me is that it seems no one has the books I really want ("Finnegans Wake" and "The Recognitions"). Maybe, if those two books ever show up in the inventory, I'll join.

  2. Give. Away. Books? Really? People do that? maybe that's why they don't have 13 bookcases in their one bedroom apartments.

  3. Sounds fun.

    Maybe we'll go to Beall's after lunch tomorrow so I won't have to be so jealous of your shoes anymore.

  4. This is so coincidental...I was just telling S. how I was finally signing up for this (bookmooch) tonight since I finally had the time. This weekend has been great for sorting through photos, books and other miscellaneous crap and I'm finally ready to be a bookmooch participant!

  5. What's your bookmooch username? I'm thegypsypoet over there (strangely enough, heh).

    and it sounds like you had a great haul. I love it when that happens. I hit up Bath and Body Works yesterday and bought body creams and Japanese Cherry Blossom body spray. I smell freaking good right now.

  6. I'd love to join BookMooch, but my problem is that I don't want to give away any of my books.

  7. Brandon, often books will become available and people will snatch them up. If you join and have them on your wishlist you'll get a notice when one becomes available.

    Lu, LOL. You sound like me. I finally decided that I will never read some of the books I bought 5 years ago in a fit of madness, so I ditched 'em on Bookmooch. Maybe someone will want 'em.

    Courtney, let me know your username and I'll "friend" you.

    Gypsy, I hit up Bath & Body last week for some Cherry Blossom lotion since mine was taken from me the last time I flew. It's sooo good to have it back!

    Come on, Cincy! Take comfort in the fact that you get new-to-you books in return!

  8. I WANT camo capris!!! SO jealous!

    Told you that you would love BookMooch. It's so addictive!

  9. You were right! I adore bookmooch. In fact I have a bunch of points and need to put them to use. lol


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