Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Rainy days and Wednesdays always get me down...

Today was quite a day, and I say that with a distinct air of loathing.

First, I went through McDonald's for my bi-weekly sausage, egg and cheese biscuit and Diet Coke. The very frightened-looking new window worker forgot to give me both a straw and napkins.

I decided to try out one of my new cute outfits today in spite of the fact that I felt like a zombie due to last night's lack of sleep (I generally prefer to look like ass when I'm that tired). I wore the blue/grey/silver striped button-up with a navy tee over it, nice jeans, and my newish brown boots (heels). The weather was slightly drizzly outside, and as I rounded the corner to my office, walking on linoleum, one of two things happened. I either stepped on the edge of my jeans and lost traction or the floor was a bit slippery. Anyhow, I managed, within the slimmest nanosecond, to twist my left ankle, land on my ass, and simultaneously twist my right knee into a contorted mess. And of course there was a class going on across from my office, so there were gawkers. The ankle began screaming with pain immediately, but it wasn't until this afternoon that I realized how badly my knee is jacked up. I'm heavily dosed up with Aleve at the moment, knee propped on a pillow because it hurts to straighten it, and I dug out an ankle brace that I was an absolute necessity when I played sports in high school. But I didn't spill the Diet Coke I had in my hand! That's nothing short of a miracle.

And the real topper of the day was the sad news that one of my great uncles passed away last night. He's been in very bad physical shape for some time and living in a nursing home. Until recently his mental state was quite good, but beginning a few weeks ago his mind started to go downhill as well. I'm relieved that he passed quite peacefully. The funeral is Friday morning at 10.

For now I'm off to bang out a few pages of the mid-term I have due tomorrow. I hope you all had less frustrating days. And I hope my tomorrow improves on today.


  1. I'm sending prayers and thoughts your way, for your jacked up bottom half and your family.

  2. Oh goodness. What an absolutely rotten day. I'm so sorry honey, for the death of your great uncle and your accident. I have a bad knee and ankle so I know just how horrible it feels. And yes, it is a blessing when they go peacefully isn't it?

    Rest up and I'll be sending good thoughts/prayers your way.

  3. Oh dear, what a lousy day! Sorry to hear about your great uncle. Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day!

  4. Boy...we you have a bad day, you REALLY have a bad one! Sorry to hear about your uncle. And I really hope you aren't in traction by the time you read this!

  5. I'm so very sorry, Andi.

    Be well.

  6. you fell on your ass?

    but the sausage egg mcmuffin was okay, right???


  7. oh gosh im sorry about your great uncle and the overall shitty day. Please tell me you finally got some sleep?

    Are there any St Patrick's Day plans?

  8. Sorry to hear about your uncle.

    I think you may want to take a trip to the doc's Andi. You may have sprained something.

  9. I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle, and about the rest of your day. At the very least, you can be guaranteed a better day tomorrow. Days like this don't come lumped together, usually.
    Take care. Drink Tea.

  10. Hey Andi I hope today is better. So sorry to hear about your uncle. Sending you some hugs and hope your knee and ankle are also better today.

  11. I'm dispatching a naked Hugh Laurie to your house right away! I'm quite sure that Dr. House can fix you right up!

  12. Sorry for your loss sweetheart.


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