Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Retail-gasm and Miscellaneous

I've been looking to engage in some inexpensive retail merriment lately, and so far I've done quite well. Today was an especially good day because first (and completely unrelated to retail anything) I was named an Outstanding Master's Student in the department (gotta go to a luncheon).

On the retail front, I found a shoe sale! I bought the following:

Comfy and cute! These will be great for teaching and going to conferences.

I couldn't resist these flirty wedges. Also good for work or going out.

I have this thing for camo! I have a couple of t-shirts that include touches of camo, I have a handbag that I ordered from Funky that's camo, and now I have shoes. Disclaimer: The aforementioned camo pieces should never be worn at the same time.

I got the bath bombs I ordered from FantasyBath, and they're amazing! I used part of the Bora Bora one tonight, and I can't stop sniffing myself. Cherry blossom is tomorrow. They're really a good deal seeing as they're HUGE (see below). You could get 4-5 baths out of each one, easy.

And I had one more surprise. When I checked the mail I found that Les had mailed the John Hiatt CDs she burned for me!!! She sent three, and I'm currently drowning in John Hiatty goodness. Thanks SO MUCH, Les! I've been dying for new music lately.

Now I'm off to catch up on some fun reading since I'm done with my homework for once. On the go as we speak:

  • The Brooklyn Follies (Paul Auster)
  • Getting Stoned with Savages (J. Maarten Troost)
  • The Invention of Hugo Cabret (Brian Selznick)


  1. I'm not a shoe gal but those are so pretty! And congratulations on being named an Outstanding Master's Student! (we always knew you were)

  2. When we were chatting last week, I had a feeling that might have been what it was about. Congrats. Oh, and I think that the official award is THE "Distinguished Master's Student for the Department of Literature and Languages." There's only one given out per year. Last year's award is collecting dust on one of my bookshelves. But they do frame it nicely. Maybe I'll hang it up someday, but I doubt it.

    Congrats, A-train. You're my new hero.

  3. Les, thanks! I was surprised by the award (and the shoes were the icing on the cake). :)

    J., just going by the wording on the letter I received (re: an). Thanks, bebe.

  4. Those wedges are super cute.

  5. CONGRATS! On the recognizing your awesome intellect AND the cute shoes!

  6. Thanks, Nik!

    Amanda, thank ya!

  7. Love the shoes...there's something about shoe shopping, especially when there's sales, and I've never heard of the bath bomb. I must get one or six!

  8. OMG I loooove those second shoes! SO CUTE! I'm a total shoe whore. LOVE the camo ones too. I was in a maternity store the other day and camethisclose to buying some really cute camo capris. They were SO cute!

    Congrats on the award! Not that I'm very surprised. I already knew how fucking brilliant you are.

    I got your email. Haven't had a chance to read it yet (I'm actually working today!!) but I will this weekend. Will take copious notes. Can't wait to read it!

  9. Love the shoes! I have to wear comfortable (often boring) ones. I would never have pegged the first pair as comfortable! Lucky you!

  10. I love the wedges!!!!

    I am wearing my 1st pair of ballet slippers because apparently here thats all you are allowed to wear and still look normal. I have to say I rather like the comfort factor.... but I miss my 4 inch whore heels.

    Congrats on the big fancy award. I am sure you earned it.

  11. CONGRATS! I am thrilled for you. Celebrate properly, bien sur.
    i can't wear sling backs - they constantly fall of my feet. Poor me. Poor slingbacks.
    I heart new shoes.

  12. All female shoes, except for sneakers, look like instruments of torture. I don't see how you walk in those things.

  13. Congrats on your award!! And very cute shoes. I'm such a non-girly girl that I'd probably break my neck wearing either of the first two, but the camo sneaks are just my thang. Glad the music arrived safe and sound. I had fun messin' around with iTunes, making the liner notes. Hope you enjoy his sound. Some great lyrics in those 3 albums.

  14. Those wedges are to die for!!! I'm so so jealous.

    And congrats on the award!

  15. I think I speank for all of us when I ask, where did you get the super cute wedges????

  16. Can I send you out to do my shoe shopping, Andi? I desperately need a pair of black heels. Something simple. :-)

    A retail-gasm day sounds spectacular right about now. Maybe tomorrow since I have the day off . . .

    (I loved the recent addition of Estella's Revenge! I look forward to the next one.)

  17. Congratulations you Outstanding student you! That's awesome news. Oh and I love the wedge shoes. cute.

  18. Funky, you'd love the bath bombs. They smell sooooo nice.

    Heatheroo, camo capris sound SOOO CUTE!

    LK, I wouldn't have guessed the first pair to be comfy either, but they're surprisingly room and squishy!

    Cold, I need to invest in a few pairs of ballet slippers. They look comfy and cute.

    LOL, Courtney! I have that problem with sling backs sometimes, too. The black ones are elasticy and the brown ones have a buckle so I can adjust.

    Todd, most of the time they are quite tortuous. Not gonna lie.

    Les, I'm LOVIN' the John Hiatt CDs. You did a lovely job on the liner notes!

    E., you should get a pair! I wanted the red ones SO bad.

    Lu, I bought them at Bealls (not sure if they are anywhere other than TX). The shoes themselves are by Chinese Laundry.

    Literary Feline, thanks for stopping in! I will most definitely do your shoe shopping ANY time. If there's anything I can shop for, it's shoes. :) And I'm glad you enjoyed the latest issue of Estella's Revenge.

    Thanks, Iliana!!

  19. someday someone needs to explain to me why women need so many shoes?

  20. That's one hell of an excellent day, congratulations on smelling so great! :-)

  21. Very cute shoes! It's been ages since I indulged in a new pair myself, but if I find a summer job I may splurge and get a new pair of heels. After all, you do NEED nice shoes to go to work right? Right?

    Ari (Baking and Books)

  22. woooooooooo flirty wedges!!! we need so many friggin shoes to flaunt our gorgeous little toes in!!

  23. Nice job, Andi! Loved those first shoes, especially.

    I'm a bath bomb whore, I'll also add. I like the ones with flower petals and little glittery things in them. I'm so childish about loving the little special extras floating around the tub, though they can be tough to clean out.

  24. Oh, man, I can't believe I missed a post with shoes and bath bombs! Cool! I'm particularly fond of the flirty wedges. And, now that I know how huge those bath bombs are, I think the bank account is in danger.

    Distinguished Master's Student? I've missed that post. Apparently, I forgot to screw my brain in. Wowee, that's even cooler than shoes! I'm not surprised. I'm sure nobody is. :)


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