Tuesday, March 06, 2007

House MD...took out the spoilers

OK, I felt guilty about the spoiler. I've taken it out. However, I'm still going to gush even though it's now nonsensical and cryptic.

Thank you JESUS. I heard the wild shrieks and then a vast contented sigh go up from all the House/Cameron fans across the country. Dear God I almost lost control of my bladder.

One of the best TV moments, EVA!

Gonna watch it again (love DVR).

Yep, there was the moment. Holy crap.

My mother says, "He looks like he could be her grandfather!"

I reply, "I know! Isn't it HOT!"

Twisted, probably. Still sexy, shyea!



  1. ohmygosh I love House! We get it on delay here in Italy and I love hearing spoilers because it makes me more excited to watch. ahhh!

  2. Nik,
    I love that you love House! Anyone who loves House is my kindred. Let me know and I'll spoil for you ANY TIME. :D

  3. Impossible to ignore that spoiler! I I'm gonna have to wait to see the real-deal since hubby and I have agreed to wait for the dvd release (we like to watch 2-3 episodes at a time - don't have DVR). Oh, well. Gives me something to look forward to. :)

  4. Finally!!! OMG! I wish the current season would end already, so the dvd can come out, and I can finally watch all these great episodes I keep hearing about!!

  5. Les, I assure you even my spoiler isn't a spoiler. There's always more to it than one might imagine. I left out the best part. ;)

    LOL! Like I just said to Les...more to it than just the kissage. Oh just wait until you see!!!

  6. You are so funny. I still have yet to see an episode or House but maybe one of these days. I got a Tv Guide the other day with the House cast on it. If I can locate it I'll send it to you.

  7. *shaking my head disappointedly at Funky*

    I beg of you...get a season on DVD and watch at your leisure. Fantabulous show. :D

  8. I am a House fan myself. I missed yesterday's episode only because I fell asleep. Gotta love reruns. I kinda wish he would find a new (unrequited) love interest, though. Is that heresy?

  9. House was on? I thought we had one more week without and I didn't even look!!! Oh, now, see Fox people. That's what happens when you keep ditching it for three weeks.

    I'm with Nat. Just get it over with and get the dvd out!

    Oh, Andi, the review book arrived, today. I'm too tired and lazy to write a separate email. Hope you don't mind. :)


  10. LK, not heresy (although I would've insisted otherwise last season). I'm actually REALLY surprised they haven't introduced a new carrot to dangle in front of my beloved Dr. House. I thought perhaps that was where things were going with the dr. in a wheelchair a few weeks ago, but apparently not!

    Nancy, I almost missed it, too. I just happened to see a preview. Definitely try to catch the re-run on USA in a week or two!

    And thanks for letting me know about the review book. No need for a separate e-mail. :)

  11. oh you naughty tease! How can I possibly wait now!!!

  12. Is there possibly anyone out there that doesn't love House?? I gotta respect anyone that is snarkier than me!! Besides, he's sexy, especially when he's off the show and has the whole Brit thing going on!

  13. Steph, you're SO right! He is dead sexy. Ever seen him play the piano and sing. *swoon* And he's written a couple of novels!!! Woot!


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