Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The dastardly deed is done....

I sent the letter. There's no going back. I have to figure out what to do with my life. No shortage of ideas I'm glad to report. I've been scoping out teaching jobs (plentiful) and writing gigs (also plentiful).

I landed a review with Louis Theroux, author of The Call of the Weird, which I reviewed for this month's Estella. He's quite a character, so I think it'll be a good interview. Also working on an interview with Deborah Rodriguez, author of Kabul Beauty School, and Gene Yang who wrote the first graphic novel to be shortlisted for the National Book Award, American Born Chinese.

Not to mention the piece I'll be writing for the new webzine, Della Donna and the piece I have a mind to submit to Bitch Magazine. Oh, and did I mention the four novels floating around in my head, hammering away, trying their damndest to get out? Yeah, those.

And I still have some academic work to try to get out there.

Middle Tennessee State came through with an assistantship of $14,000 a year and a tuition waiver. Good deal, but I'm turning them down, too. I'll be too busy teaching and writin' like a mofo.

*jumps for joy*

Oh, and how could I forget? I submitted some work to PopMatters in an attempt to join their book staff. Wish me luck!

I feel like the weight of the world just came off my shoulders. I'm back, bitches!

Listening: "Maybe I'm Right"...Pete Yorn


  1. Welcome back babe! Make us proud!

    Did you catch the quote on "House" tonight (yes, bitch, I'm starting to watch it)?

    Hope we've got plans for next weekend! A group shot for Ago-go is planned...

  2. Louis Theroux makes some damn fine telly. Didn't manage to catch his most recent stuff though, it clashed with Persuasion :( Enjoy.

    And congrats on the interview, the new piece and best of luck with the submissions

  3. I am proud of you. I know it took a lot of balls to turn both of those offers down. But, it sounds like you have A LOT to look forward to. Good Luck!

  4. You should be so proud of yourself, and it sounds like you already know that you made the right decision.

    I highly recommend taking time off between degrees. And you've got lots of wonderful choices.

  5. You definitely sound happier and lighter. Have fun with all your new opportunities!

  6. Os, I'm so pissed. The news cut into House last night because we had severe weather, so I saw about the first five minutes and the last five. I am tickled to hear that you're watching it now, though! Woot!

    Fence, I've never seen his TV work! Ugg! I want to sooo badly, but I don't think his stuff is out on DVD here yet. Can't wait to interview him!

    Beth, thanks, girl! It was tough but I feel a zillion times better now.

    Purl, thanks so much. I know you've been in sort of a similar push/pull situation with the bar. Sucks, doesn't it? Gah!

    Thanks, Nat! I feel soo much better. My students already see a difference (and are thanking their lucky stars). lol


  7. Jumping for joy with you! I hope lots of good stuff comes your way girl.

  8. yay Im glad you are back!!!

  9. Thanks, Iliana, Nik and Cold!

  10. The future is indeed bright. Enjoy it. Writing's such fun, and such a privilege, that the potential to do it for a living is a fine thing indeed.

    Or indeed, whatever you fancy doing.


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