Sunday, April 15, 2007

The day's observations....

  • I'm completely overwhelmed and utterly mindfucked.
  • I haven't told you all that I'm moving back to North Carolina after I finish this semester. Now ya know.
  • There's a lot of horrible, nut-twisting-to-read swill out there in indie Literary Journals (some good stuff, too).
  • Keep an eye on this 'zine in the future: Conceit
  • And this press: Blackbird Press
  • My first PopMatters review will be out this week .
  • I have a lot of stuff (clothes, books, movies, purses, shoes, papers, photos).
  • My thesis is almost DONE! (helps explain the mindfuckery).
  • Sleep is futile.


  1. You're doing WHAT?? Wow. Where? Wilmington again?


    Yay for thesis almost done! And lots of stuff. I love lots of stuff. I have it too.


    Conceit looks cool. As does Blackbird Press.


    Sorry you're mindfucked and can't sleep.

    Um...did I say wow?

  2. LOL, Heather. I think that's the most wows I've ever gotten from you. ;) Yep, Wilmington'ish again.


  3. Well cool beans!!! And so close to the beach. I love it down there.

  4. Wow - big news! You know you'll have to make tons of trips to the big HP Books before you leave :)

    And, congrats on the first Popmatters review.

  5. Moving??? Needing more details there.

    Missed you--sorry it didn't work out. You'll have to come up with something to make up for it!


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