Thursday, April 05, 2007


Meet the newest book reviewer for!!!! I got word tonight that I've been accepted, and I'm tickled to start receiving material to review.

If you're not familiar with PopMatters, go take a look! Here's a little blurb about them.

PopMatters is an international magazine of cultural criticism. Our scope is broadly cast on all things pop culture, and our content is updated daily, Monday through Friday. We provide intelligent reviews, engaging interviews, and in-depth essays on most cultural products and expressions in areas such as music, television, films, books, video games, sports, theatre, the visual arts, travel, and the Internet.

PopMatters has been profiled and/or namedropped in all of these reputable sources: BBC, New York Times, The Times (London), The Guardian, Slate, Salon, Entertainment Weekly, Financial Times, NME, CBC, Variety, The Globe & Mail (Canada), Scotland on Sunday, Daily Telegraph, Chicago Sun-Times, USA Today, Newsday, Boston Globe, Baltimore Sun, and Curve among others.


  1. oh I'm so jealous. Can I sign up for this too?

  2. Thanks, Os! (I think.)

    Nik, sure!
    Have your writing samples at the ready!

  3. Way to go babe!!! That is so exciting! What kind of stuff will you be reviewing? Anything good?

  4. Heather,
    From their past reviews it looks like they have a little of everything: fiction, non-fict, etc. My first review will be the Hugo Cabret one that I wrote recently, and I should start receiving lists of review material to pick from soon. I'll keep ya posted!! :D

  5. You go girl! So happy for you. I love PopMatters so now it's going to be even more fun to read :)

  6. Congrats, Andi! Guess the decision to scrap the PhD was a good one, eh?

  7. Way to go!! Looks like I'll have ANOTHER link to add!

    No surprise though. Your reviews are really great!

  8. Thanks, Iliana! Watch for my Hugo Cabret review to surface later this month!

    Thanks a bunch, Kim!

    Melissa, so far, so good! Now if I can just keep the momentum going I'll feel really good!

    LOL, thanks, Stephanie!

  9. Congrats! I can't say that I've ever spent time with PopMatters--I'm only familar with the site by name--but now I'll have to pay more attention to it. You're a great addition, though. I'm too self-conscious about my writing to try anything like that. And my "reviews"--blech. Like my "review" of "As I Lay Dying"--I was reading over it a few minutes ago, and flipping through the book, and now I'm thinking, "Do I REALLY feel that way about it?" But it's one of those books where, in all honesty, I'm not sure HOW I feel about it. I'll definitely read it again in the future.

  10. Brandon, don't be so hard on yourself! I love your writing, and I thought your reaction to As I Lay Dying was honest and understandable! Sometimes books baffle us, unsettle us, and elude us, and we need to be forward enough to say so.

  11. Wow, that's so impressive. Congratulations (a few days late)!

  12. Thanks, Imani! I'm excited about the writing part, but just as much about getting free books! lol


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