Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Nashville Wrap Up

The last day or so in Nashville centered largely around food adventures. I'd seen the downtown area and I had the 'zine to get online, so I spent my days pounding away at the laptop and my nights hovering in the hotel restaurant with a book and a big appetite. Here are the two meals that were the culinary highlights of my trip...

3-Course Special

Starter: French onion soup piled high with melted cheese and croutons

Entree: Ahi tuna steak layered with a spicy New Orleans crawfish sauce and nested on a bed of plantains to cut the spice. Rosemary roasted potatoes and grilled eggplant were served on the side.

Dessert: Chocolate covered strawberries and fudge brownies all drizzled with caramel.

A Lighter Night

Entree: Pecan-crusted salmon in an orange juice reduction sauce with mushroom risotto and grilled asparagus and carrots.

Dessert: Creme brulee napoleon...two "slabs" of creme brulee with a filo dough layer in the middle and topped with toasted coconut, almonds, whipped cream and a strawberry garnish. It looked something like the pic, but fewer strawberries.

Honestly, kids, I don't know if I'll ever look at food the same again. It was that good.


  1. Wow -- some amazing looking food and just reading about your adventure made me hungry for something wonderful. Why have a meal when you can have dessert, right?!! =)

    There is something about travel and being somewhere different for me that always makes everything just seem that much better.

    Thanks for stopping my site and your lovely comments.

    I also really like your Zine!

  2. and now im terribly hungry.

    fooooooodddddddd..... must have food....

  3. Thank God I'm eating lunch right now.


  4. That dessert looks awesome! Forget strawberry shortcake. I'd order that any day, any time! YUM.

  5. my mouth is watering...glad you had a yummy time!

  6. Oh, wowsers. I'm drooling all over the keyboard!

  7. Christine, I hope you got hold of a fantastic meal! I'll definitely be back to your site. Love it!

    Cold, what'd ya have? What'd ya have?

    LOL, Heather!

    Les, it was certainly fantastic. Much better than strawberry shortcake (and that's saying a lot because I adore strawberry shortcake).

    Thanks, Funky!

    Watch out! Don't electrocute yourself!


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