Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Books and pics and miscellaneous out the wahoo...

I was a bit dazed and confuddled this morning when the same community college I mentioned having an interview with a few days ago called to offer me an....interview. Heh? Luckily for me they've offered an interview for another full-time position. So, now I have interviews with them on the afternoon of the 4th and EARLY on the 5th. They have three available positions, so hopefully I'll get one of 'em. If not, there will certainly be much wringing of hands, and this house will certainly be like the 9th circle of hell (not to say that I'll be gnawing on Judas--Inferno joke--but pretty close).

The long weekend was full of writing, reading and quite a bit of driving (although, technically, I was just a passenger). While I need to be writing...a lot...I've been reading a lot instead. I finished Poe Ballantine's book of personal essays, 501 Minutes to Christ. On the heels of that fantabulous book (review forthcoming), I took the time to dive back into Philip Roth's The Human Stain, which I've neglected for far too long. I got it half-read last summer, and for some reason I never picked it back up, even though I LOVE the writing. I'm happy to say that I'm almost finished with it now, and I love it just as much as I thought I would.

I'm not sure what I'll read next. I have an ARC of a young adult novel called Marie, Dancing, and I'm eyeing Blood Meridian, by Cormac McCarthy.

In the meantime, enjoy the pics I took of our fish pond. B. and I (easy on the "I") built this pond about three years ago. The fish are the ones we originally put in all that time ago, and they've gotten BIG since I was here last. I need to get a better pic of our really big orange koi. I'll add that to today's to-do list.

Click for a bigger version and you'll be able to see some of the fish. This pond is right off of the front porch, so I often perch on the railing and watch the fish and the frog fountain.

I was really excited to see this white water lily pop up last week. The year we built the pond and planted the pretties, nothing grew. I was a little bummed to see that this cute little flower had disappeared when I stepped outside to go get breakfast this morning. B. says they only last about a week.


  1. Interesting how the flower bloomed when you arrived--looks like a good sign. Good Luck at interviews. theotherfeminist

  2. Good luck with the interviews. I know you'll get one of the positions, if not all of them...you're gonna have to decide which one it is you'll accept.

    The pond is awesome. I want to do something like that one day. And I LOVE the flower. too bad they don't last longer.

  3. Good luck with the interview.

    I loved Blood Meridian, but am pretty sure I missed out on half of what it was all about :) Still, the prose is so lovely, poetic:
    "See the child. He is pale and thin, he wears a thin and ragged linen shirt. He stokes the scullery fire. Outside lie dark turned fields with rags of snow and darker woods beyond that harbor yet a few last wolves."

  4. The trick with water lilies is to feed them heavily. These are greedy feeders! The individual flowers might not last longer but there will be more of them and they'll produce blooms all summer long.

  5. Must be a sign, Fem!

    Thanks, Funky. I hope so! The pond is sooo much fun. It was a task putting it in, but definitely worth it.

    FEnce, thank ya! I really think I'm gonna like Blood Meridian. The lines you quoted sucked me right in.

    Thanks, Doug! I'll pass that info along to the keeper of the pond, so he can jump on it. hehe

  6. "Brown studied the judge. You're crazy Holden. Crazy at last.

    The judge smiled.

    Might does not make right, said Irving. The man that wins in some combat is not vindicated morally.

    Moral law is an invention of makind for the disenfranchisement of the powerful in favor of the weak. Historical law subverts it at every turn. A moral view can never be proven right or wrong by any ultimate test. A man falling dead in a duel is not thought thereby to be proven in error as to his views. his very involvemnet in such a trial gives evidence of a new and broader view. The willingness of the principals to forgo further argument as the triviality which it in fact is and to petition directly the chambers of the historical absolute clearly indicates of how little moment are the opinions and of what great moment the divergences thereof. For the argument is indeed trivial, but not so the separate wills thereby made manifest. Man's vanity may well approach the infinite in capacity but his knowledge remains imperfect and howevermuch he comes to value his judgements ultimately he must submit them before a higher court. Here there can be no special pleading. Here are considerations of equity and rectitude and moral right rendered void and without warrant and here are the views of the litigants despised. Decisions of life and death, of what shall be and what shall not, beggar all question right. In elections of these magnitudes are all lesser ones subsumed, moral, spiritual, natural.

    Blood Meridian, 248-50

    This is one of the best books of all time. It is the most beautiflu and lyrically written book. Some passages will make feel honest emotion. It may not be a "good emotion" but you will empathize while reading this book.

    I can say with great confidence that this may truly be the great american masterpiece. I don't say that lightly, and you should not attempt to read Blood Meridian lightly. It can be a heavy, heavy read at times.

    But, man, is it good!

  7. Love your little pond complete with koi and water lilies! :)

  8. Confuddle is my new favourite word Andi. Thank you.


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