Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Lazy Day Crapola

Now that I'm more or less done with the heavy lifting and heavy thinking of my last semester as a graduate student, what should I do with myself? The easy answer: NOTHING!

While the bulk of the horror is over, I still have a few odds and ends to wrap up:

  • Guest lecture about comics in two of Bethany's high school classes tomorrow (looking forward to this one)
  • Finish the paper for DO's class (almost done)
  • Go to the stupid writing "science fair" today at 4:30 (decidedly not excited about this task)
  • Finish the very few revisions required on my thesis before I send it to my committee tomorrow (did half last night)
  • Sometime I need to clean out my office and my storage building and decide what's staying here and what's going to NC (likely later in the week this week or next)
  • Housesit for DO this weekend (also known as take care of her 3 sweet puppies and swim in her very accommodating pool)

Other than that, there isn't much going on, and I fear my brain is becoming a bit mushy. I stood for a good 10 minutes gazing into my closet this morning largely unsure of whether or not I even wanted to leave the house. I had errands to run, missions to accomplish, checks to deposit (yay!), but I stood, and I stared, and I called B. to tell him that I was standing and staring, and then I cooked a yummy lunch, and I'm right back here in bed because I don't HAVE to be anywhere until 3:45 or so. I have books to read--yummy nummy books--jobs to apply for and some napping to do. I'd much rather do the latter 3 than the formers before them.

Procrastination much? Oh yeah. I'm the queen.


  1. Did someone say nap?? zzzzzzzzzzz

  2. I love to procrastinate big time too :)
    By the way, I did the restaurant meme. You'll have to tell me if you have visited any of the restaurants I mention :)

  3. I live for days like that.

  4. The best kind of day . . . time to read and nap. Love those.

  5. Lazy days are the best days. I feel due one. I know you were!

  6. I have to say that you should just enjoy being somewhat a women of leisure while you can (although it sounds like you are doing that and good for you). =)

    Lazy days can be such wonderful days!!

  7. Wow! This post makes me jealous! I love days like that

  8. Sounds like heaven to me!! What I would give for a day with nothing to do!! Enjoy it while you can!

  9. Ha! I stare at my closet like you do this morning except I've had trouble matching my top with my shoes! :)

    TGIF I've got the whole weekend to read since I can no longer celebrate Mother's Day with my mother. I celebrate her legacy in my heart.

    Have a great weekend.

    Oh I'm reading Suite Franciase.

  10. You're not a Sagittarian by any chance? Us Sags are famous for our talent for procrastination!

    I'm of the opinion that naps are a much underrated activity.

    I think your brain's just not used to not being in overdrive ... enjoy it while it lasts!

  11. LOL, Les!

    Iliana, Thanks! I enjoyed reading it!

    Kristy, me too!

    Bookfool, me too! Unfortunately I'm in the midst of being overrun by reading choices and I'm a bit paralyzed. More to come on that.

    You're definitely due one, Miss Heatheroo.

    Thanks, Christine! Wonderful indeed!

    Come on over, Funky! We'll drink margaritas and swim in the pool I'm sitting for this weekend.

    Thanks, Steph!

    Matt, shoes are the least of my problems. I recently tossed the majority of my shoes and started over (everything was wayyy outdated). So now I have some very basic pairs (nice heels, though) and it's not hard to match those. Tops were giving me a real problem the other day, though. Go figure!

    Lesley, I'm a scorpio actually. I'm not sure if we're known for procrastination or not. Sex, yes, procrastination, not so sure. lol
    You're right, my brain is not used to resting. I think I could get used to it.


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