Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekend Floater

I think all of the pool floating may have helped me relax. I certainly haven't gotten any reading done, but I do have a nice lobstery look about me that will turn into a nice even brown within another day or two.

(I thank my father for the touch of olive in my skin that keeps me from flaking away to nothing).

I'm pretty certain this golden crust will make me look like an alligator bag one day, but at least it looks nice now. According to the picture I just need some fake breasts, washboard abs, bottle blonde hair and blue eye shadow and I'd be perfect!

Mother's Day was nice. My mom came over to the house I'm sitting and we had pool time for a few hours. I think I'll make her dinner tonight since we weren't very hungry yesterday and ate a classy McDonald's Mother's Day lunch (also known as Filet o'Fish and McNuggets). I hope you all had a great weekend!

I'm off to enjoy my last few hours of inground swimming and clean up the house. Those beer bottles have gotta go!


  1. Enjoy the pool! I'm stuck in cubicle hell so I'm jealous :)

  2. Color me green too.

    I did have a nice weekend though. was very spoiled yesterday. And I did manage to read ;) I finished several Holmes stories and knocked out about 20 pages of Quixote. But I gotta tell ya, I'm about ready for a fun read. I may have to join you for a Crusie!

  3. Oh, heck. We think you're pretty near perfect without all that other stuff!

  4. OMG I'm so jealous! The pool, the McDonalds, all of it! and I'm being serious (especially about the McD's) Man I could go for some fries right now!

    And the "perfect" thing...give me a break, that's what we're supposed to think perfect is. From my husband's point of view anyway - he likes women with a little meat on their bones (thank god). I don't think I could be with a man that didn't feel that way. I'll never have washboard ab's and I'm okay with that :O)

  5. Awww, cubicle hell sounds like a drag, Iliana!

    Heatheroo, I'm glad to hear you had a good weekend! You deserve a big bunch of spoilery! Come along for the Crusie!

    Os, awwww, thank ya!

    Funky, I'm done with my good eatin' now. I'm back to lean meat and peanuts for snacks. Ugg! But it's workin'. I can't complain too much. Amen and freakin' yay for men who love meat. Aren't they fabulous?

  6. You look different than I remember. Ah, a pool would be lovely right about now.

  7. Nah, you look better than the chick in that photo. She's too fake.

    And, yes, one does pay for lying about in the sun, eventually. I'm envious of your ability to tan. I fried and peeled or fried and blistered until I learned to stay indoors, wear a hat or slather on 1000 SPF. Actually, that's how I met the hubster - I was visibly burning at a football game and several guys offered me the shirts off their backs. I took David's because he was the cutest. And, then he wouldn't let me alone till I married him. Geez, it was just the shirt off your back, dude.

  8. That woman in the picture is kind of scary. She has more muscles than I do. Yikes.

    Gotta love tanning! Being in Florida, I'm so tan it's ridiculous. But all Floridians are like that. Well, most. And, of course, having a swimming pool in the backyard has done wonders for my life aquatic.


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