Monday, June 25, 2007


I successfully defended my thesis today! While I would love to say that I'm really done, I have a few mild revisions to do tomorrow and then the grad school will most certainly get all grammar-nazi on me, but other than those two things, I am DONE. It only took about an hour to defend and then I ate yummy pasta. Woohah!

That is all.

I'm going to bed.


  1. I am so glad for you! Hugs and kisses to you! Good luck on the job front and remember me when you get famous. TTFN-theotherfeminist

  2. Congrats! You'll sleep well tonight!

  3. Hurrah! I hope the pasta was especially good.

  4. Yay!!! Congratulations!!!

    I hope you had a nice dessert after the pasta.

  5. A big fucking AMEN on that! Congrats, Andi!!!

  6. Congratulations, girl. You are AMAZING! :)

  7. I'm SO excited for you!!!! That is excellent news! Congratulations! Squeee!!!!

  8. Congrats!! That must be a huge weight off your shoulders. I know...still a little way to go. But the end is in sight!

  9. That's fantastic!! Congratulations! :)

  10. Congratulations! Hope you had lots of fun celebrating.

  11. Woo-HOO! Congrats! You must be so relieved.

  12. I've said it before and I'll say it again - YOU ROCK!

  13. Thanks, Fem!

    Oh I did, Kristy! It was sooo nice!

    Imani, it was delicious. Crabcakes and spaghetti in pink sauce. De-lish!

    Nik, unfortunately, no, but I did have several cocktails to make up for the lack of chocolate. ;)

    Fuckin' AMEN, Os!

    Thanks, CDN!

    Thanks, Heatheroo! I did a bit of squeeeing myself.

    Thanks, Cold!

    Stephanie, it certainly is. I finished revisions today, and now all I wanna do is read fun stuff. :)

    Thanks Nat, Purl, Nancy and Heather!! Very relieved!

  14. Congratulations!

    My guess is that your thought afterward was the same thought I had when I defended my thesis 22 years ago-- "Shit-- now I've got to get a job!"


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