Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Post-Interview Recovery

The interviews went well. I had my first one on Monday at 2:30 and was incredibly nervous. That's one thing I hate about postponing interviews until late in the day...I have too much time to think and freak out. My nervousness generally manifests itself in some manner of manic hair flipping and big eyes (sometimes too-loud laughter as well). However, given that I was interviewing with a VERY jovial group, I think I fit right in.

Yesterday I was significantly less nervous for the 8:00 interview, and I think I did much better. My teaching demo went rather flawlessly, I answered the questions with a cool, humourous confidence, and was even highly complimented on my performance by the committee before I left the room.

If I had to guess, I would say I will *probably* be offered the second position, but I think I did well enough that I might still have a chance at the first. We'll see. I just hope I get at least one of them or I'm going to be sooo broke. Insurance, retirement benefits, and a hefty salary are good things (in my best Martha Stewart voice).

I was also very pleased to find out:

1. They support and celebrate scholarship (offer travel money, etc.) without any sort of publish-or-perish policy.
2. The campus is beautiful and looks more like a "university" than the one I'm about to graduate from
3. The offices are nice! Woot!

In other news, check out Johnny Yen's post about the cost of the "War on Terror" and what that money could've bought instead. Click HERE. He breaks it down to a per-person amount of $1,440.

And I've officially found THE best snack food ever. Emerald's Wasabi Peanuts!!! Not Emeril...Mr. "Charisse." No no. These are by the Emerald company, and they come in a big, beautiful green plastic jar (recycle!) and taste like a little piece of heaven. I just wanna put some spicy tuna under 'em.


  1. I hope you hear good news on the job front very soon! You hate interviews and I hate interviewing! I sometimes feel that is all I've done in the past 2 months since I was promoted...and more are coming today!

  2. I'm so happy your interviews went well! I'm crossing my fingers for you!

  3. Glad your interviews went well. Hope you get some good news soon.
    And wasabi peanuts- yum!

  4. Ha,ha... Mr. Charisse. I still can't get over that one. Anyway yay on the interviews! And, hope you hear good news soon.

  5. Everything's crossed for ya. Even the stuff that doesn't cross very well (I hope you appreciate that...).

  6. Congratulations Andi! I'm so glad the interviews went well. I hope you get offered both of them and then you can decide which one you want!

    I'm scared to read your link to how much the war costs. I am already so pissed at everything revolving around the war these days it's only going to make me crazier!

  7. I'm so excited for you! I hope you hear back from them soon, with good news, of course!

  8. Thanks for the link!

    Glad the interviews went well. I still find job interviews to be just about the most stressful thing in the world.

  9. Thanks, Carl! I think I would hate interviewing people. I would probably get nervous *for* them as much as I get nervous for myself. LOL

    Thanks, Amanda!!

    Nat, the peanuts are SO yum. I haven't had sushi in ages and these are all that are holding me over.

    Thanks, Iliana! I can't get over Mr. Charisse either. I stumbled across his show yesterday and threw up in my mouth a little.

    Os, ouch!

    Thanks, Funky! It would be really nice to get to choose. The link made me pretty angry, too. I wouldn't want your head to explode or anything. :)

    Thank you, Lesley! I hope so, too!!!

    Johnny, me too! Hate 'em! I usually do well, but they still make me wanna die!

  10. Wow, I have been so far behind - so many exciting things going on for you! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you and hope you hear some good news soon!

    Johnny Yen's post is very interesting. *Sigh*

    oooh, I like Wasabi peanuts -- will certainly have to give those a try!

  11. My thoughts are with you as you now do the waiting thing. I manifest my nervousness in hair flips and too-loud laughter as well, but I think people identify with that sometimes anyway. Keep us updated!

  12. I'm all about doing things first thing in the morning too. The anticipation stresses me out. Glad the interviews went well.

  13. I'm going to have one next week so I'm nervous. I agree that interviews are probably one of the most stressful things, I mean, they can spin off to any direction. I'm just glad that yours went well. :)

  14. Bully for you. I may consult you for interview tips. Good luck. theotherfeminist

  15. Thanks, Christine! And do try the wasabi peanuts. A-maz-ing!

    Courtney, true. And if it's universal, it's charming and endearing, yes? Or so I hope.

    Thanks, Kristy!

    Good luck, Matt! I hope all goes well!

    Sure, fem! Miss ya, by the way!


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