Thursday, July 05, 2007

Isn't it Monday?

It seems so very Monday today. That's the danger of having a holiday in the middle of the week, the days get all wonked up. Nevertheless, I hope you all had a fantabulous 4th of July, and for those who didn't celebrate it, I hope you had a wicked day filled with books or chocolate or sex or whatever your vice of choice.

We cooked an early dinner of hot dogs and turkey burgers and set out for a bigger town not far from here. I had every intention of buying panties, but the store was closed so I was forced to ravage Bath & Body Works' semi-annual sale where I landed a tube of Japanese Cherry Blossom body cream, a bottle of Iced Tea Twist Lotion, and some Midnight Pomegranate body spray all for just over $10. Ladies, you know it's a miracle to get out of BBW for anywhere near $10, so if you haven't hit the sale up yet, GO NOW. It ends on Sunday.

After a bit of shopping, we ended up at Sonic for some ice cream and proceeded to a strip mall parking lot where we tailgated until fireworks time and watched a drunken asshole set off small fireworks in the midst of the parking lot where kids were running rampant and passing drivers got the piss scared out of them. Ahhh, holidays.

The fireworks were stunning though, I'm happy to say--much more than the drunk--and it only took us about half an hour to get out of the parking lot when it was all said and done.

I have 12 articles to write today and tomorrow, so I need to be off and about, but you can expect a rather lengthy reflection on the state of literature and reading, as well as my general dislike of the Western (world, not genre) literary canon soon. I watched Harold Bloom's bit from 2000 on How to Read and Why on BookTV this morning, and now I'm all fired up.


  1. The best thing about today feeling like Monday, though, is that tomorrow will feel like Tuesday BUT WAIT! It's really the weekend again!

    I had all three of those vices yesterday!

  2. I love Midnight Pomegranite. I try to buy as much of that as possible. Good Luck on those articles. Crap, for some reason I cannot sign in under my thingy. theotherfeminist

  3. Bath and Body Works and fireworks in the same day? That's too good to be true!

    Sounds like you had a great holiday. The week's almost over!

  4. Dewey, good for you! Those are excellent vices. And you're right about the days of the week thing. B. (boyfriend) said he'd see me tomorrow when he left for work today, and me thinking it was Monday thought it would be 4 days. But no. No, no! Tomorrow it will be. Yay!

    Fem, how'd your interview go, by the way? Inquiring minds wanna know (ok, nosey).

    Isn't it, Katie? I didn't know what to do with myself. AND ice cream! Holycrap!

  5. Write on, Andi!

    And, hey, when are they going to invent Bath and Body Fireworks, huh?

  6. Interview went well and I have a follow-up tomorrow; however, I am told that I have competition. I think Beth is rootin' for me with the principal though. If I do not get the job, I still have my old one, so I am not worried.

  7. I've been thinking it was the start of the week all day, too. But hey, at least now it's the weekend for real!

    Glad you had a good 4th. I went to my SILs and mixed up a couple strawberry pina coladas - yum.

  8. LK, you should probably suggest that! You could make a million.

    Fem, I wish you luck!!! You and Beth in the same school? Sounds dangerous to me! ;)

    Mmmm, pina coladas! That sounds yummy, Lesley!


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