Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Charmed life? Maybe so!

One of my apprehensions about the potential to take the library job is the 8-5 format. Admittedly, I've never been very good at that type of work. I get antsy and weird if I'm trapped any one place for a fixed amount of time. In fact, that sense of freedom is exactly why I chose to pursue a trip in academia (whether college or university). Additionally, the vacation time, as a teacher of higher education, is killer! Who else gets a month off at Christmas?

So, while I've been excited about the library position, I'm also nervous about the potential of actually getting it. I've been cranking my brain for the last several days about the Fall job possibilities. Which job should I take if I get the library gig? Should I keep part of the teaching position I already agreed to? Same money, different hours, different vacation policies, different locations, etc. I would certainly prefer teaching, but as of yesterday the library's promise of stability and insurance was winning.

Then I got a call.

I submitted an application to another community college (where the library job is...not the one I'm already committed to for the Fall) a while back with little hope of them actually calling. They rarely have any turnover or need of a new teacher because their current faculty seem really happy (a good friend of mine, with whom I used to teach high school, in particular).

So, when they called to offer me a teaching job yesterday I was SHOCKED and THRILLED! It is part-time, but it's two night classes that meet once a week. One meets on Monday night, which I agreed to take, and one meets on Tuesday, which I can't take that one because of another commitment.

However, what this means is a foot in the door at two community colleges with hope of full-time on the horizon, an end to money woes for the foreseeable future, and getting that delicious vacation/free time back. You see, my obsession with free time has something to do with the hobbies to which I'm devoted. I love putting Estella's Revenge together and writing my novel just as much as any job -- another reason I went into a career as flexible as higher education.

This turn of events fits into what my mother considers my genuine good luck. For the entirety of my working life (16-26) jobs have, quite literally, fallen in my lap. When I was 16 and looking for a job with which to buy gas money, a teacher happened to walk through the Home Economics room where I was fiddling around before class. When she saw me, she stopped short and said, "Andi, you'd be good for this. Do you need a job?" A local florist and good friend of our family was looking for a high school student to do her computer bookkeeping.

A few months later another local store owner and another friend of the family caught my mom at his grocery store and asked her if I'd like a job. So, I took my 2nd job and worked both until shortly before my graduation from high school.

I later interviewed for a computer lab assistant position at Baylor University and was hired on the spot. When I left Baylor, a colleague of my mother's offered me a web design internship with a Fortune 500 company after my mom asked her to proofread my newly typed resume. Later in my college career, when I'd switched to an English major and needed some extra cash, a professor recommended me (without my knowing) as a writing center tutor. Even later, upon college graduation, I was hired on the spot for a high school teaching position. EVEN later, when I left North Carolina to move back to Texas in 2004 to start my M.A., a former high school teacher recommended me for a community college teaching position and they hired me before I'd even left the state of NC.

You see the pattern here. Jobs tend to fall in my lap, and I'm incredibly grateful that they do and that the trend seems to be continuing.

As that former high school teacher friend once said, "Wow, that's a God thing."

I'm beginning to think so!


  1. Good Lord, pass some of that luck this way! LOL

    That is great, that the other college called you! Very serendipitous! I'm so happy for you!

  2. Ahhhhh yes, I have the same luck when it comes to jobs! Isn't it grand?

    Congrats again! You are going to be one busy girl!

  3. It's on the way, Heatheroo!

    Cold, right on! Maybe our luck is somehow related to breast size?

    Chris, thanks!

  4. Congrats, Andi. I'm completely with you about the flexibility of higher education. I wouldn't have my hubby working any 9-5 job. It's much better for our relationship (and my sanity) to have him be more flexible. The pay's lousy, but the perks are great!

  5. ha- lets hope not. i say its our stunning wit (okay fine... they do like the boobies...)

  6. Amen for the perks, Melissa! They make it all fantabulous.

    Cold, wit! Oh yeah! Good answer.


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