Monday, August 20, 2007

School Daze

Whew!!! It's 10:30 and I'm already up, dressed, made a trip to Far Away Community College to teach my 8:00 class and back home!

Today's morning class was the typical 8am class. It's mostly freshmen college students, so they're more or less sleepy and terrified and trying to act aloof and fabulous all at the same time. It makes for an odd classroom dynamic for the first few days, but the weirdness should alleviate in approximately a week...once the work and reality of college life kick in.

After only a mild copier explosion, I managed to get my syllabus Xeroxed and ready for tomorrow (today was just introductions and a sneak peak at the course), and I'm currently relaxing in my pajamas.

I have the whole day to kill until my 6:00 course tonight. This time, English. Freshman English. They should be terrified and fun, too.

I was mistaken for a student on the elevator this morning which is always fun. It's sort of like being carded for alcohol when you're way past your 21-year-old prime. I'm likely to hug and/or kiss anyone who cards me, but I held back on the elevator today. I was asking the girls on the elevator if any of them were in Reading and when they said no, "We've already taken it!" they asked who my teacher was.

ME: "Well, actually, I'm teaching."

THEM: "Oh WOW! Really? You look fun. I wish I had your class."

It's the nose ring and fun shoes. Does it every time.

I'm contemplating perching in one of the desks in my night class and posing as a student until time for class to start. Then I'll get up and introduce myself. So fun. Is it wrong that I enjoy messing with their heads this much?

Off to write some freelance articles and catch up on my blog reading (heavy on the latter). "See" y'all later!

On the nightstand: Norwegian Wood (Murakami), Freaks: Alive on the Inside (Curtis Klause)
On ye olde iPod: "Wait for You" (Elliot Yamin)
DVD o'the moment: Pan's Labyrinth


  1. Wow - look at you! I like the thought of you messing with their heads... it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

    Man I was SO scared my 1st day of college.. ahhhhh good times! :) Enjoy your new busy schedule!

  2. Awesome Andi! Sounds like you're off to a great start. It sounds hilarious to be young and on the other side of things!

  3. My first day of college was a long time ago. I remember not being able to find a place to park the horse and buggy.

  4. Sounds like you're having a good first day!

    Man, I'm starting to miss school.

  5. Ha! I bet you look great on the first day. I was mistaken once as a student as well...well...I am a grad student who happens to TA a class.

    Yeah what's up with the freshmen all acting aloof and fabulous? I'm sure all you need is an icebreaker to bring them along. :)

  6. I think you should totally screw with their heads. It'll definitely get their attention, and it makes a deeper first impression.

  7. I posed as a student the first two times I taught in Commerce. I would would always be like "have you taken this guy before?

    I had heard horrible things..." Students would make casual statements as to what they had heard and were horrified after I said I was the teacher.

    After that enough students had seen me around that the gag no longer worked.

  8. "aloof and fabulous" ...I love it. Such a perfect description of students on the first day.

    And don't feel bad, I've been asked for a hall pass, and I work in a HIGH SCHOOL. I have to laugh everytime it happens.

  9. I hope you did pull the wool over their eyes, Andi. That sounds like it would be fun. :-)

    Your bringing back memories for me of my college days. That was eons ago! Haha I am glad your first day got off to such a good start.


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