Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The week is in full swing, and I'm ready to keel over! Actually, it's not quite that bad, but it is an adjustment to go from three months of 24-hour-a-day free time to a regular (busy) work week. Not that I don't still have down time--I'm in my pajamas at 12:53 pm until my night class at 6:00, but I digress.

Last night I rolled up to Far Away Community College to teach my nighttime reading class. I came in a bit early to run some copies and relax before class. When I approached the community office that the adjuncts are sharing for the time being, I found a very large stranger working at the computer. I passed on by the room with a thoroughly furrowed brow before coming back, poking my head around the door, and finally putting my stuff down on the desk on the opposite side of the room.

"Hi!" I bubbled.

"Oowwhh, hi."

He spoke with a thick Caribbean accent, weighed 350 pounds and could've broken me with his pinky finger, but he didn't look irate or anything. Turns out he "was going to ask permission, but the lady I saw didn't look like she worked here." I finally told him, after listening to a somewhat nonsensical account of exactly why he was using our office computer, that he would have to go to the open computer lab on campus. He was not a student, although he claimed to have been one in the past, no I.D., etc. I scooted him out of the office and promptly called security.

Turns out he isn't dangerous, but he also isn't supposed to be on campus given the fact that he's not taking classes. I think I'll start calling him the Computer Lemming because security assured me that he does this kind of thing regularly--although it's the first time he's infiltrated our office suite--before they trotted off to escort him off campus. Given, it's not as exciting as the guy in the Baylor computer lab who used to spit, or the one who was trying to hack into the CIA, OR the one who streaked through one dark and boring night. No, that that exciting. But it did break up the monotony.

Not bad for my second day, eh?

In other news, the classes seem to be going fine so far. The 8am class continues to be a pain in the tookus just for the fact that they're completely uninterested, but everyone else is very friendly and chatty (in a good way). I have one more class to meet for the first time (tonight at 6:00), and I hope they live up to the others.

The other big adjustment involved in going back to work is the wearing of the high heels. Otherwise known as Swollen Ankle-Fest 2007. I expect to have the well-muscled legs of a prize-winning filly shortly from all the prancing around in heels. I keep telling myself I'll get used to it in a week or two (I hear Elise's voice in my head as we speak).

Oh, and I saw one of the high school students I used to teach when I was 22. That was weird. He grew up. But I expect I've grown out.

That's about all I have to offer you today in my fried brain state o'mind. While I need to finish some freelance articles for the week, I'm really going to go lie down in the cool with a book and maybe take a nap. Last night's 7:30 to 9:45 class put me getting home close to 10:30, and I got back up at 5:45 this morning. So, as you might imagine. I'm a little draggy. I likes my sleep.

Be good, and I'll be back tomorrow.

I hope to take some pics of Really Close Community College tonight, so stay tuned.


  1. I like a girl who uses the word "tookus", even if it's puckering! (and is that the correct spelling?)

    Welcome back to the real world!

  2. Eek! That's scary time!

    Good for you for confronting this large man. I would have just scooted around and minded my on business probably.

  3. Os, I have no idea if tookus is spelled right. You knew what I meant though, yes? Good enough for me. I'm too lazy to look it up (even in Google). Thanks for the welcome back. ;)

    Nik, in retrospect confronting him might not have been the smartest thing I could've done, but hell, what's a little danger now and then? lol

  4. My feet hurt after two weeks vacation. I can't imagine the pain after 3 months. Treat yourself to a pedicure.

  5. It's rough, Kristy, I have to say. It's getting better day by day, but I think I'll be wearing flats tomorrow. It is Friday after all. lol


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