Thursday, September 13, 2007


Read about my burgeoning crush on Garrison Keillor and my newfound obsession with podcasts over at Estella Scribbles. It might even be humorous.


  1. Oh no! Not Garrison Keillor. Although I love Writer's Almanac, I despise Prairie Home Companion.

  2. How did you get that 'Novel in Progress' bar to be the right size? Every time I try to make one it is super long and even bigger than the normal screen width.

    Hmph ...

  3. I love Prairie Home Companion. I try to catch it every weekend. You know, it's kind of funny, a professor we know does not like him, and had a few things to say about him. The professor claims to have taught where he taught, but when I asked for specifics, the professor just repeated hearsay. Anyway, I have his Lake Wobegone Days book (they sell for like a dollar on bargain tables), but it is better when you hear him on the radio. Years ago I bought hubby Keillor's Book of Guys and he said it is quite different from his Lake Wobegone stuff. We went to the Fitzderald Theater last June, the home base for the show, but it was closed. Oh well, maybe next time. TTFN

  4. LOL, Purl, unfortunately I can't weigh in either way on Prairie Home Companion. I have yet to listen to it, but I'll let you know what I think when I do. :)

    April, there's a way to make it a smaller version on the site. Lemme look....(wait for it)...ok, on the site, I enter my #s into the counter and choose the "small" version and it comes up like that.

    Fem, you're so well traveled. In fact, I just thought of you last night when I was watching a documentary about the Beats. :D I'll definitely try to catch Prairie Home Companion soon and let you know what I think.

    Thanks, Soj!

  5. ok, I am fixin' to show my ignorance in blogging lingo and stuff--what is tagging? As in you've been tagged?

  6. Fem, that means like, "Tag! You're it!" Soj filled out a meme (survey, questionaire thingy) on her blog, and since I'm tagged I will now fill it out and post it on my blog.


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