Thursday, October 25, 2007

Help the World, One Click at a Time

I found these great, easy sites where you can help promote literacy, end world hunger, help animal rescue and lots of other great causes.

First, play a vocabulary game, and for each word you correctly define, rice is donated to the UN to help feed the hungry. I played for a few minutes, got to 1000 grains and had to stop, but it was so much fun. I think I found my new addiction.

Also check out:

Advertisers and sponsors of these sites calculate the clicks and the money made from advertising on the site, etc. goes to help fund the various causes. Jump on the bandwagon! Your click can make a difference!

I subbed for several classes today while some of the faculty are gone to a conference in Charlotte, and the last class watched An Inconvenient Truth. I'm in social activism mode.


  1. Ha- I have been totally hooked to these sites for months!

    I have done all of my gift shopping at the hunger and animal rescue sites lately, and I love getting those 'how many bowls of food your purchased bought' stats.

    Thanks for posting the links! Everybody should bookmark them and visit every day!

  2. "I'm in social activation mode" - I love it! Hey, are you by any chance going to AWP this year?

  3. Cold, after you said you've been shopping at those sites, I bought a couple of stocking stuffers for my mom from the animals site. Yay! I provided 28 cups of food for rescue animals.

    Courtney, as silly as this is, I hadn't heard of AWP before now! Ha! So, no, but now I'm intrigued and exploring their website.

  4. I used to visit the animal rescue site almost daily, but lately I had completely forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Activism is sexy Andi. Hot links you've got there.

  6. Thanks for posting the links! I've had the literacy site widget at the top of my sidebar for several months now and try to click through every day. Off to visit the others now.

  7. Lovely links there. Thanks for sharing them. I'll go play along. :)

  8. I bet a lot of that rice is coming right here. What a fun and cool way to donate!

    I'm gonna link to this, ok?

  9. No problem, Nymeth! My pleasure. :)

    Thanks, Dale!

    Enjoy, Les!

    Thanks, Matt!

    Sounds great, Lu. Spread the love!


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