Monday, October 22, 2007

Yes, yes, YESSSS!

I got a full time jobbbbbb!!!! Sorta. There is a catch.

One of the full-time faculty members resigned as a result of health issues, so they need someone to contract for full-time money for the Spring semester. No benefits...but full-time money is a BIG increase. After the Spring semester, there will be, by law, a full-blown search for a faculty member. However, the person who's so kindly been filling the position usually gets the job (that's how I got edged out of the TWO full-time positions I interviewed for this summer).

YAYYYYY!!! I'll still be teaching the three courses I'd planned on (two lit courses, one technical writing) and working in the Writing Center three hours per day. So, to recap, I'll be in class from 8:00-11:30 on Tuesday/Thursday mornings and in the WC from 12-3 every day. That equals a lot of freer time for moi. Pretty nifty gig, eh?? And full-time money means I can cut back on my other job(s). I'll be quitting my freelance job ASAP and cutting back at the other community college. I'll probably try to hold onto an online class for them, but that's IT. Mama needs some downtime. Can we say, ANDI GETS TO FINISH HER BOOK!

Celebrate with me! If this were a real celebration, what type of food/drink would you bring? Make it tasty!

I would provide the sopapilla cheesecake and a very LARGE bottle of champagne.


  1. Congratulations, Andi! This is excellent news! Not only a full-time pay, but also time to write!

    If this were a real celebration, I would bring some of the delicious apple crumble my boyfriend and I just made :D

  2. Work is insane, so I'm glad I had a moment to celebrate with you!

    I would bring a hearty red wine and dark chocolate cake. As it is, I'll send a toast your way tonight.

  3. Well, if we're celebrating, we need to do it with decadent and fattening delights. And beer. I'll go do some shopping right now!

    WOOHOO! I'm very happy for you Andiroo!

  4. Congrats Andi! Just imagine you don't have to drive all the way to the college at the other side of town!

    For celebration, how 'bout some bruschetta with cavier and a bottle of champagne. :)

  5. Yahhhhhoooooooo! What a great way to start the week.

    Let's see, what would I bring to the party? How about some Adirondack Margaritas, Risotto Cakes and maybe some of these. Oh, God, why am I on a freaking diet?????

  6. Congrats, Andi! That's great news. And I'll hope for the best on the full searches, too...

    I'd have to bring spinach-artichoke dip and chips. Either that, or a cheese-bread bowl. Can't have a party without those. Yum.

  7. Congratulations!!!!!

    I'd bring an olive tapas with something to dip into it and cinnamon-apple cake. Mmmmm.

  8. Congratulations! Champagne and really, really good chocolate cake would be my contribution.

  9. What great news, Andi! Congratulations. I hope it all works out for you. :-) I'm so excited for you.

  10. I've had some of your famous sopapilla cheesecake and I am down with that! Congrats on your good fortune.

  11. Congratulations! I'd bring dark chocolate fondue and cognac. :D Since there's already a ton of champagne.

  12. WOOHOO!!!! YAY YOU!!! That's very exciting!

  13. Woo hoo - that's WONDERFUL Andi - i am so happy for you. It's a win-win-win situation for you. Consider me arriving to your party and staying late,armed with a pan of homemade lasagna and pomegranate martinis.

  14. I would bring some fabulous coffee cake and maybe some mexican cheese dip. Dips are always fun at a party.


  15. Thanks, Nymeth! And amen to time for writing! I looove apple crumble!

    Purl, thanks for stopping by! I understand about the insanity. I'm definitely ready for a cushier semester. And I love me some wine and cake. Yummmm.

    Os, BEER! Bring Blue's my favorite.

    Matt...well, actually, I do. LOL It's the one that hired me full time. But that's OK since the money is great. Mmmm, caviar. It's been a while!

    Ooh, Les, I KNEW you'd bring something great. I need to get back to your food blog. It's been a few weeks since I've visited and I'm having withdrawals.

    Melissa, thanks! And I adore cheese-bread bowls and artichoke dip. In fact, I've almost emptied the latest container of artichoke dip in my 'fridge. Time to restock!

  16. Bookfool, YUMMMM! I love both of those suggestions.

    Thanks, Melanie. I'm always a sucker for chocolate cake!

    Thanks, Lit Feline! Do the happy dance with me. :D

    Thanks, Fem! I haven't made sopapilla cheesecake in ages. Maybe I'll bring one to the office soon.

    Oh, Eva, a woman after my own heart. I love the dipping.

    Thanks, Sassy!

    Courtney, with lasagna and pomegranate martinis, you can move in!!! lol

    Nik, I can NEVER get enough cheese dip. Maybe I'll make some at home this weekend.

  17. Poetry Revolutionist10/23/2007 2:01 PM

    Way to work!

    I would bring grilled salmon and a case of Lone Star.

  18. A belated congrats! A tip of the pint to ya!

  19. Fantastic news Andi! I'm celebrating with you and I'm bringing dessert from the Cheesecake Factory :)

  20. Awesome! I'm bringing noisemakers, a nice red wine and something sweet...perhaps some rhubarb muffins!

  21. I'm belated but I'm full of congratulations for you! I'm thrilled that you're thrilled and it sounds like a wonderful set-up! And what am I bringing to the party? A big bunch of yellow roses for you (courage and celebration) and a lemon drizzle cake I've baked.


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