Friday, November 09, 2007

The Best Positions

My natural reading habitat these days is a big, squishy chair. It's a marked departure from my previous favorite reading position which involved lying on my stomach with a pillow folded under my chest and chin, arms sprawled on the bed and *maybe* exerting enough effort to the hold the book. However, oftentimes my trade paperbacks were floppy enough to hold themselves open with the assistance of a lazily placed hand. Thank God!

The new found penchant for the big squishy chair is a byproduct of a few very important variables:

1. Our floors are a little hard for lengthy lounging.
2. Our couch is too soft for lengthy lounging.
3. The bedroom is too dark for reading.

A well-placed halogen lamp, a close side table for a Diet Coke, and the big, squishy chair's inviting lap all add up to a winning combination.

Right about now I'm sure you're wondering why I'm nattering on about reading positions. The simple answer is prompted by the fact that I'm stuck at work for another hour and a half, and this place is not conducive to reading--the one thing I'd really like to do right now.

I do work in a Writing Center, and one might assume that with plenty of tables and chairs around, and even some couches, that I might find a place and curl up. But no. Oh no. There are definite problems with reading here.

1. I can't take off my pants or my bra. Well, in truth, I suppose I could, but it's frowned upon. I read much better without pants.
2. The chairs are hard, as are the couches.
3. There are distracting noises from the library below (I'm up on the mezzanine level).
4. The tables are hard and make my elbows ache after leaning for a while.
5. I have no blanket with which to curl up.

You see my dilemma.

Reading is my ultimate pleasure in life. I like to be comfortable, and comfort, for me, equals lounging. Whether I'm curled up with my legs tucked in, wrapped in a blanket or reclined across a chair with my legs draped over the arm, I need comfort, solitude and mental space to read.

So what the hell do I do with these last hours of work?? Suggestions??

I'm thinkin' Scrabulous!


  1. I agree!! I definitely read better without pants LOL! Freedom.....that's all =)

  2. I can handle the pants, but I'm with you on the bra. But I must confess I read best hanging out in my jammies all day.

    I started Twilight last night and was completely caught up in it. Suddenly, the next page didn't make sense--there were 60 pages missing from my library book! I had to make an emergency run to the bookstore at lunch today. I have a rare afternoon alone at work today, and I'm having the hardest time working as opposed to reading.

    And I'm with you on the pets. I will be so sad when I have to give the kitten back to my friend.

  3. I love the nattering about reading position! :)

    When I was looking for a new reading chair, I literally checked out all the places, big and small, fancy and cheap, for that perfect squishy armchair. First of all, I have to make sure it's not too deep because I don't want to fall asleep. The armrest has to be at perfect level with my elbows when I'm holding the book. Also the material and fabric of the seat have to be ventilating so I don't get too hot sitting there all day. But I found it and it seems to me that my dog loves it as much as I do. He sits on it sometime so I have to put a throw on it.

  4. I completely agree on the pants and the bra thing! And of course a blanket is utterly necessary. :)

  5. Most people read better without pants. I personally read better without a bra. So I understand your quandry.

    As for Scrabulous, thanks for tempting me with something else to lure me away from my work:-)

  6. I can't read with pants on either. Actually it seems that I can't really be in my house with pants on. My legs hate pants.

    What to do with the rest of work?... I'd say surf the internet. Scrabulous looks like a perfect option.

  7. I tend to read more when I'm not writing comments but that might just be me.

  8. Hmmmm..reading without pants?? Never really thought of it myself. But I do love to read curled up in my favorite flannel jammies!!

  9. I can't offer any useful advice, but I wanted to say I feel your pain. The one thing I dislike about my new house is that there isn't a perfect reading spot. There are some decent ones, but none that is exactly right. I miss my comfortable chair by the window back home.

    And Happy Birthday! :)

  10. I don't read, so I don't know the joy of doing it without pants. There's other activities around the place though...

  11. My "comfort clothes" are a pair of khaki shorts (I retired the cutoffs a few years ago) and a scruffy t-shirt. I'm pretty easy when it comes to place, as long as there's enough light. The recent adjustment has been reading glasses. With my new contact prescription, stuff at reading distance dropped off the face of the earth, which my optometrist warned would happen.

    I do a lot of my reading on public transportation lately. I concentrate better without music, but sometimes have my ipod going to drown out nearby loud, inane cell phone conversations. Maybe that could help you with the noises. Can you bring a blanket to work? And some kind of cushion for the chair?

  12. I understand what you mean about the comfort needed for reading. But er -- I can read with pants and bra. No problem at all.

    Actually, these days when I have time free at work, I'm reading from email through DailyLit. I'm halfway through a Maugham novel and a Euripides play. I find it time well spent. :)

    I tried playing Scrabulous with a friend on facebook -- and I had my butts kicked. How do you beat someone who could come up with words like "epizoa"? And all the coloured squares to keep track off.

  13. Personally, I'm wondering what kind of hits you're going to get with a post that includes:

    lazily placed hand
    take off my pants or my bra
    ultimate pleasure

    Sorry! I couldn't resist! :)

  14. Haha! No pants for you huh? I am a fan of the no bra while reading, but for the most part pants don't give me any trouble.


  15. Kristina, I'm glad someone understands!

    Purl, jammies = great reading time! And OH MY GOD re: your copy of Twilight. That's my worst nightmare!

    LOL, Matt. If I shared my chair with anyone it would be a dog. I want a doggg!

    Eva, you're another kindred spirit! Down with pants and bras!

    X., my pleasure to tempt you with Scrabulous! It's a great time-suck. And I think you should burn your bra. Liberate! Liberate!

    Nik, amen. I always lose my pants when I walk in the door.

    Dale, you should learn to do both at the same time. It's the pinnacle of multi-tasking.

    Stephanie, lose the pants. It's all better without 'em.

    Thanks, Nymeth! And I hope you find a good reading spot. I feel loooost without one (evidence = this post).

    *slaps Os*

    Johnny, it's tempting. And would probably be fine given that my WC office mate reads, too. Although, I think she probably likes reading better WITH pants, and I'm not sure she has any problems with the chairs, either. Ahh, to be flexible.

    Geez, Orpheus! "Epizoa?" Whoa! I game up with "doozer" the other day, and I still have no clue what it means, but the dictionary said it was a word. I luck out that way sometimes. I generally consider it a victory if I lose by no more than 50 points.

    Les, I'm sure it'll be bad, bad, bad. I sort of feel like Joey on Friends when he said he could make even "grandma's chicken salad" dirty with the right intonation. hehe

    Cold, lose 'em. You'll never go back. I swear.

  16. The Best Positions...



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