Thursday, November 08, 2007

I could just beat myself...

The inevitable happened. I got the rejection letter for the piece of fiction I submitted to Very Swanky Journal (not the real name...don't bother Googling). I'm not upset. I just submitted a different piece to a different journal. We'll see what happens.

I am VERY upset with myself for something VERY stupid that happened today. I ran a stop sign. Plain and simple--I ran it, a cop saw it, and I TOTALLY DIDN'T MEAN TO DO IT! I had to ASK the guy what I did because I honestly had no clue.

I was leaving a dead end service road to get onto a residential street to then get onto a businessy street. There wasn't a soul to be found anywhere inside the service-road-to-residential interchange. I didn't see the sign because I was busy looking to see which turn lane I needed to be in. I paused, yes, but I did not come to a complete hault. I am totally mad at myself and no one else.

Although, the officer was a bit of a dick when he said, "What? Didn't you see me sitting over at the restaurant across the street??" My response, "NO because I didn't think I'd done anything wrong so I wasn't looking to see if I was going to get in trouble for doing something wrong!"

OK, I didn't REALLY say that out loud, but I should've. I simply said no, and "Oh my God, I can't believe I did that!" And that was about it. The ticket will be $170.00 if I can't get it reduced and THREE POINTS on the NC driver's license that I don't even have yet. I'll be going to sweet talk the DA sometime between tomorrow and January 30th (court date) to emphasize the fact that I was trying to be SO CAREFUL because it was a new-to-me neighborhood that I didn't even notice the sign like I should've (all true, by the way). And I shall emphasize that there were no inclement weather conditions, no other vehicles anywhere nearby, and I was NOT exceeding a safe speed. I just screwed up. Please don't throw me in the pokey!

But, the good news is, I drove a Civic Hybrid before all this happened. It was nice.

Going to eat Bugles and nap in my office floor. Can't this day just be over?

Edit: The pug belly above makes me feel a leeetle bit better. Thanks, CuteOverload!


  1. Sorry about Very Swanky Journal and their terrible taste in fiction. That cop sounds like he assumes you purposely chose to run a stop sign and wouldn't have if you had seen him. I guess he thinks the world would be total chaos with everyone suicidally charging their cars into traffic without him around.

    The pug is cute, but the massaging cat is even cuter! Cats are so weird.

  2. Dewey, can you come repeat that bit about the arrogant cop when I talk to the DA?? lol

    And that cat just captured my heart. The "awwww" mechanism tripped immediately. Generally I'm more of a dog person, but what's not to love about that kneading!?

  3. I don't know if I can continue to be friends with such a traffic criminal person. I have standards to uphold, you know!

    I can tell you that if you were up here, there would be two questions: 1) Was there a stop sign?, and 2) Did you stop? No in between around here...

  4. Reminds me of Cher from Clueless, at the stop sign, "I totally paused!"

    God I love that movie!

    Am very sorry Very "Stupid" Journal didn't take your story. Keeping fingers crossed for second attempt.

    I love Bugles.

  5. Awwww. I love the little sad pug with the belly button. Amazing how animals have this way of making the world seem a little more bearable at time?

    Sorry to hear about the rejection from Very Swanky Journal -- but just keep at it.

    And I really hope you get lucky with the DA for the ticket.

  6. Awww-don't you hate how bad things always come together? :(

    I've accidently ran stop signs before and (even worse) red lights. Thank God I've never been caught-that is so frustrating. :( If it makes you feel better, I did get ticketed for minor in possession (alcohol) my freshman year of college; that was pretty horrifying. I got lucky with the DA-since I didn't get in trouble for another year, it was expunged. So I'll send good luck vibes your way, lol!

  7. Something tells me Very Swanky Journal is going to regret that decision someday! Sorry about the ticket though - hopefully they will at least let you out of the points, if not the $$!

  8. Os, you sound like B. His first question was, "Andi, what did the sign say??" You men!

    Heather, I thought of Cher, too! She didn't get caught, though. :( And I love Bugles, too! I hadn't had them in ages until last night.

    Thanks, Orpheus, on all counts! Animals do make it all alright. Now if I just had a puppy of my own.

    *sending out suggestive mental vibes to B. to buy me a dog for Christmas*

    Eva, that does make me feel better! You survived, and I like to think I will too. With minimal stress and whatnot.

    Thanks, Courtney! And, yes, I will TOTALLY pay them whatever they want (within reason, of course) for the ticket if they let me OUT of the points!!!

  9. Sorry to hear about the letter from Very Swanky Journal. I agree with what Dewey said - they must have terrible taste in fiction :)
    And, then the ticket. Grrr. I hate it when that happens. I'm still mad about a ticket I got in the spring... I was going 7 miles over the speed limit. 37 in a 30 zone. I know I was wrong but still upset.
    Ok, I need to go look at CuteOverload now :)

  10. LOL, Iliana. There's some great stuff on cuteoverload today. It should be just the fix to get your spirits back up.

  11. Sorry to hear that you had an encounter with one of the FASCIST-PIG-F*****!
    BTW, dog is cute.

  12. I can sympathize! I felt the same way when I got pulled over for speeding a couple of months ago. It'd be one thing if I knew I was speeding and hoping to not get caught, but I had absolutely NO IDEA that I was going 10 miles over the posted speed. Fortunately, this was my first ticket and I was able to take a STOP class and keep it off my record/insurance. Good luck with the DA!

    And so sorry about the rejection letter. What do they know, anyway, huh?!


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