Monday, January 07, 2008

I'm tired already...

...and I haven't even taught a class yet.

That's right, I'm a wimp! I went in to work today at Full-Time Job (otherwise known as Far Away Community College) simply to make my nest. My office was butt ugly--an icky hospital green, bad window coverings. So I loaded up a bag with a painting, desk calendar, some office supplies, colorful folders, a Buddha candle holder, iPod docking station, etc. etc. I got into the office around 9:30 and spent the better part of the day getting things squared away--copying syllabi, making up grade sheets, getting my login and password, checked my work e-mail for the first time (upwards of 200 to go through). Around 12:30 I decided to go home and do some things there, but I ended up at Target buying more pretties and organizational stuff. Ultimately I didn't think I'd want to haul all the new goods up to the office at 7:30 tomorrow morning, so I went back to the office, did some more nesting, and finally skipped out around 2:30. All the way home I talked to some of the wonderful people from Part-Time Job (otherwise known as Really Close to Home Community College) about library tours, online enrollment, etc. etc. Once I worked my way through the traffic accident blocking my way home, picked up something for dinner, visited with B.'s parents and got myself into my comfy clothes, it was 5:30.

I'm pooped!

I know, not exactly a taxing day, but the just-before-class flurries always stress me out every semester. Tomorrow I get my new batch. I teach a technical writing class from 8:00-9:20 and a literature/research class from 10:00-11:20. Then I'm free for the day since the Writing Center doesn't open up again until the 22nd of this month. In the between time I'll be haggling with my students from online classes trying to get them squared away. Whew!

Getting everything set up and ready to roll will take a few days, but I love it! The beginning of a new semester is always exciting.

In other news, the new Estella's Revenge is online! Go check it out!

I started Joe Hill's debut novel, Heart-Shaped Box, last night and OH MY GOD. I probably WILL NOT be reading it at night when B. isn't home. It's been a very long time since I've read a horror novel. I'm sure the last one was something by Stephen King, so I suppose it's appropriate that my newest foray into the paranormal is with his son's work. For the uninitiated, the book is about a burned out rock star who collects disturbing objects like skulls, snuff films, and other nuggets of the macabre. When he buys a haunted suit on an Internet auction site--and it arrives in a black, heart-shaped box--all hell breaks loose. It's SO GOOD, but so freakin' creepy. Another reason I'm a wimp.

Off to finalize my intimidating speeches for tomorrow's classes. Gotta start 'em off right, ya know.


  1. You aren't kiddin'! That book scared the pee out of me!! I couldn't read it at night even with my hubby at home. I wound up reading it almost from cover to cover on a couple of flights to Seattle. Great book, imho. I hope you enjoy it. It does settle down a bit and you'll find you can read it at night. Eventually. :)

    My husband's back to school tonight, too. Teaching one English class this quarter (M & W). I think it's a Technical Writing class of sorts. Or maybe it's the one where you spend 6 weeks learning how to construct a paragraph...

    Get some sleep!

  2. Les, I'm glad I'm not the only one! And I'm really dreading whatever is going to happen to the dogs. He's been talking WAY too much about the dogs for them to get out of it all alive. Arrrg. Maybe I'm wrong, but I doubt it!

    And good luck to your hubby. I've had TOO MANY of those 6-weeks-to-write-a-paragraph classes in the last five years. I hope I'm done with those for a longgg while.

  3. Heart-Shaped Box scared the crapola out of me, more so than anything by Stephen King. Just a fantastically scary-ass story! I couldn't read it when I was home alone, or right before bed (I'd be too afraid to get up during the night to pee!).

  4. THE MOVIE RIGHTS HAVE JUST BEEN SOLD!!! God, I can't WAIT to see it in film! You can find out about more of his previous publications at

  5. I've been meaning to read heart shaped box, heard such good it's definitely on my list! Hope your week is off to a wonderful beginning!

  6. I just bought Heart Shaped Box, but was going to wait until next month to start it. I'm so glad that you're giving it such rave reviews already! I'm trying really hard to concentrate on Great Expectations, but I might have to sneak a peek at it now.

  7. ooh I went to Target today and bought bins for organizing. I love that kind of stuff.
    I have got to read this book. I've heard such great things about it!

  8. BAH! Working is for losers :O)

    that book sounds AWESOME! I have a love/hate relationship with things of that nature - television shows, books, etc! They are so compelling. It's like you want to read it but you don't because you know it's gonna stay in your head and scare you for days!

  9. Pilgrim, I'm loving it! I've gotten to a point where it's not *as* scary for me, so I read it for the majority of last night before I went to bed. I hope I have time to finish it today between reading for the classes I'm teaching tomorrow, and the two classes I have to meet with tonight. Arrg!

    Thanks, anon! It would make a great movie. Especially the first section.

    I'll be watching for your comments on it, Courtney! I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

    Becky, I'm reading both books pretty regularly, but Heart-Shaped Box is just SO much more conducive to nighttime, fried brain reading. lol

    Iliana, I love organization stuff, but I AM NOT, by nature, an organized person. Organization takes real concentration and effort for me. But this semester I MUST be organized or I will LOSE MY MIND.

    Funky, you hit it right on the money! I actually talked about that very compulsion yesterday with my literature students. They're all Edgar Allen Poe/scary story fans, so it worked.


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