Friday, February 15, 2008

Adventures with Frost

No, not Robert Frost. I wish!

So this morning I was shocked and amazed that Daisy let me sleep until 7:00!! While she did have a little pee accident in her crate, I was more than a little surprised that she didn't start yelping around 5:00 AM like usual. In fact, I was so shocked that she wasn't barking when I woke up that I actually thought she might've hurt herself, and I gallantly charged into the living room to make sure nothing was wrong.

She was fine. Of course. I put on my pants and shirt and shoes and jacket to make myself presentable enough to take her out. As I opened the back door with her tucked safely under one arm, I noticed all the pretty frost on the ground.

If only I'd noticed all the pretty frost on the steps.

I stepped down and my feet immediately went out from under me sending both of us skating down the steps on my ass. Luckily I held tight to the pup, and she just sort of gazed up at me, confused, as I stared down at her, confused, with my feet in the wet grass and my shoes out in the yard where they'd been flung off my feet.

To make a long story short, I got my breath back, put on my shoes, let the baby do her business, took her back in the house, where she promptly got excited while we were playing and squatted in the living room floor.


Reading: The Bluest Eye and lots of student papers


  1. Whoops! Glad you weren't seriously hurt. Ouch.

    Bluest Eye and student papers -- what a juxtaposition. I hope you are enjoying Toni Morrison.

  2. May I say I'm just glad you didn't break anything?

    I'm loving the pup posts. :)

  3. Ouch!! I slipped on the ice TWICE today, but was able to recover my balance before landing on my rear-end. I have a feeling my back will be sore tomorrow.

    Glad the pup let you sleep in. She'll get on your schedule before ya know it.

  4. I'm glad you didn't hurt anything, but your story cracked me up.

    Just think, without your puppy, you would have never known about that frost on the stairs. You could have gone all day without that vital knowledge.

  5. I'm proud to say that so far this winter I haven't fallen...yet. Which means that I will probably fall tomorrow. Very happy to read that you weren't seriously hurt! I know of another blogger who recently had an accident that ended more seriously than she first thought, so when I read of your slip I got a little concerned.

    Awww, we need more puppy pics, please. :)

  6. Shesh, I'm glad you're ok. And I'm also loving the pup posts. I'm living vicariously through your dog owning until I can get my own.

  7. Me too, LK! I'm enjoying Morrison much more than the papers. lol

    Nancy, me too! I've broken my share of ankles, and I don't want to add anything else to the mix. I'm glad you enjoy the pup posts. I love writing them!

    Les, glad to hear you didn't take the complete dive! I'm very sore from having tensed up when I fell. Ouch! And she let us sleep in again today! Yay! Victory!

    Kim, I giggled pretty hard myself once it was all said and done. I have a horrible track record with stairs and steps, so it's just another incident to add to the collection. :D

    Imani, more pics coming up! Good for you for making it this far without falling. I'm knocking on wood for you that you don't make up for it now!

    Nik, if you were closer you could puppysit sometime. She's exhausting! But cute!

  8. Yikes! That doesn't sound like fun!! Of course, here in the ARCTIC Midwest, we are all used to it!! Of course, that didn't stop me from almost busting my ass on the ice about a month ago!!

  9. Why do you never have a camera handy to take pics of these events??

  10. Great post - and glad you are in one piece! Pup sounds lovely.

  11. LOL, Stephanie! I'm lucky I don't live in icier conditions. I'd be dead by now.

    Os, it would've been nothing but pictures of the sky because that's what I saw on the way down.

    Thanks, Sea!


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