Thursday, February 21, 2008

Booking Through Thursday, The First

I think this might well be the first time I've booked through Thursday. That is, participated in THE illustrious Booking Through Thursday meme. I'm so late to the good stuff sometimes. Seeing as I'm running short on posty inspiration, here we go...

This week's question:
All other things (like price and storage space) being equal, given a choice in a perfect world, would you rather have paperbacks in your library? Or hardcovers? And why?

I may well be in the reading minority here, but almost all of my books are trade paperbacks. A long time ago, many moons and all that, I bought quite a few remaindered hardbacks. I had some GREAT books in hardcover, and there was nothing more luscious, worth keeping and savoring. Then I discovered something disturbing. I never read them.

Sure, yeah, I would pick one up occasionally, but I found the discomfort of reading a hardcover completely alienating. They're hard to keep open, big, bulky, not well suited to an already overloaded purse or book bag. Blah blah blah. You get the point. And half the time I'd finish them and find they weren't worth keeping after all.

Pretty soon I started seeking out trade paperbacks at the used bookstore instead of my formerly awe-inducing hardcovers. To this day I'm a reformed reader, basking in the wonderment of an easy-to-carry, comfortable-to-read, and very sexy trade paperback.


  1. I've never participated in BTT - Shh, don't tell anyone! I've been meaning to but you know how that goes...
    I love the look of hardcovers but trade paperbacks are my favorites. Just easier to carry and read.

  2. I prefer TPBs to hardcovers as well-I even think they look much nicer (except for my beautiful W&P, which I hope they keep the exact same coer for the paperback so I can buy that one too). I'm always sad when I go to bookmooch a book and the only one available is a hardcover, lol.

  3. I am completely the same way. I need something lightweight that I can take anywhere I go. I have a number of hardbacks (because I used to be snobby that way HA!!), but I can't remember the last one I read. A Thousand Splendid Suns, maybe? But only because I HAD to have it then. :)

  4. My used book store is only taking paperbacks now. I think I might be more inclined to buy paperbacks now for the trade-in value.

  5. I know what you mean, I guess right off the cuff, I prefer and seek out hard covers. However, I do agree that the soft cover is easier to carry about with you. So should the question be extended to are you an out and about reader or a stay at home reader? Yet, you mentioned that soft covers are easier to keep open while reading so the above question may be a mute one. Hum, the life a bookish people.

  6. Amen, Iliana!

    Eva, I'm glad I'm not the only one. :) And same here re: Bookmooch. I hate when there's only a hardcover left. Or the other worst scenario is when I get ready to mooch a book only to find out it's from another country and they won't ship to the US. Ahh well.

    Trish, I had A Thousand Splendid Suns in hardback, too. No wonder I didn't finish it!! lol

    Sounds like a plan to me, Chris. In fact, I need to find a used book store around here to trade with. Thanks for the reminder!

    Fem, I'm an everywhere reader. My fave reading position is still on my stomach, though. Hard to do at work.

  7. I love trade paperbacks too!

  8. I never thought about trade size books!

    I played for the first time too!

  9. From reading the responses so far, you aren't alone in your preference for trade paperbacks, Andi. :-) I do read books in almost all formats, but trade paperback is probably my favorite too. They have all the best features of hardcovers and mass market paperbacks.

  10. I'm on the fence... I have different likes with all three kinds (Trade, Hardback and Mass). I love beating up the mass market paperbacks. I love that the trades have the art work right on them. And there's something romantic about the hardbacks.

    I'm torn.

  11. Actually I totally agree. I love the look of hardbacks, but there's something really comfortable about a paperback. I pick from my paperback shelves 9 times out of 10. I know I'm a wimp but that extra weight puts me off!

  12. Now I find hardbacks easier to keep open than paperbacks, but that may be because I mainly read library hardbacks and other people have schooled them to stay open before me. I do agree about the portability issue though.

  13. I am another one who prefers Trade Paperback - especially when I am handing over the hard earned case! When it is a library book I take what I can get!

  14. I agree with you. Although hardcovers look better (and stand better) on the book shelf, paperbacks are far more practical. Not to mention cheaper, most times.

  15. Cost factor plays a major role! I prefer paperbacks any day.

    Welcome to BTT!


  16. Janiejane, right on!

    Welcome aboard, Teena!

    Nicely put, LF. They're a great hybrid.

    It's a toughie, Nik. If it weren't for everyday life beating me over the head with trade paperbacks I'd probably be torn, too.

    Litlove, same here. I tend to multi-task while I read sometimes, and it's really uncomfortable trying to hold a hardback up and open with one hand!

    Ann, that may well be the case. I do enjoy my library's hardbacks sometimes for the usedness, but my fresh ones are murder to keep open.

    Same here, Marg.

    Amen for cheap, Gavin!

    Thanks, Gautami!

  17. I with on the that one. I like paperbacks because they are more portable. I pretty much only buy hardcovers if the paperback isn't out, and that is pretty rare, because I can be pretty patient before buying a book so that I don't have to pay for hardcover.

  18. Since I'm someone who often reads very old books, I have a certain fondness for hardbacks. After all, most of the older stuff wouldn't have survived very long in paperback.

  19. I prefer trade paper backs as well; although I did just buy a hardback of Hunger's Brides. That is one freakishly big book. But it was $6!!!


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