Monday, February 04, 2008

Manic Tazmanian Devil Day

Ever have one of those days where you just can't sit still? I know you have. If you haven't, you have to be lying. If you insist you haven't, well, then it's just unfair that anyone should ever get through life without this feeling.

I have several pressing things I need to be doing:

  • Write up a new paper assignment for my lit class
  • Grade response papers for the lit class
  • Write up a project assignment and test for my technical writing class

However, with a lazy stretch of afternoon ahead of me in the writing center (it's 12:10 and I already met with my one scheduled appointment for the day) I would love to be doing about a zillion other things.

  • Reading either of the two books I have on the go
  • Downstairs browsing the fiction section of the college library
  • Writing a column
  • Organizing my new office space at home

Yep, I'd prefer doing just about anything to what I'm doing right now. No, not blog posting. Sitting around, trapped in the office with other things on the horizon. Ahhh, the life of a short attention span.

In this here photo, you'll notice "the flying pigs" as I affectionately refer to them. This is a small group of the much larger flock of Yellow Finches that have taken up residence at our house. There's plenty of food, which is one of the many reasons I live at my house, so I can't say I blame them for taking up with us. Aren't they cute? And they have a much shorter attention span than me, and it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.


  1. Yes, yes, of course I've had those days. I had one last weekend as a matter of fact. Unfortunately it was at the art gallery. Picture this, if you will. T standing in front of a painting at the Tate Gallery, musing, thinking, admiring, completely and quietly immersed, while Donna flits hither and yon around the entire room like a bumblebee, visiting this, no that, no no I wanna see THAT one. And eventually returning to T's side, to quietly admire with him for the last 3 seconds before we move on to the next room.

  2. Well, of course I love your flying pigs! And I usually can't sit still. The exception is when it rains; then, nobody can get me pulled up off my fat butt. I don't want to do anything but read on rainy days.

  3. Naturally, I forgot the reason I came here in the first place. I wanted to tell you the CR-V got between 29 and 30 mpg on the road, Saturday. We were very pleased.

  4. Cdn, I love the image of you fluttering around the museum and coming back to T before moving on. Sounds like me yesterday!

    LOL, same here, Nancy re: the rain and not moving. As for the CR-V that's FANTASTIC gas mileage. I need one of those green ones. Yum.


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