Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday Morning MishMash

Morning all!

I slept so great last night. Eastern North Carolina finally got some much needed rain (3 inches in my area), so I enjoyed listening to the pitter-pat of rain on the roof followed by bang, crash, cue the lightning. It was something of a nasty storm, but we really need any water we can get in the midst of this draught.

This week's installment of "The Finicky Reader" is up, and this piece is entitled "Expectations and Memory." Unsurprisingly, it's a reflection on the experience of reading Great Expectations some 13'ish years after the first time I read it as a freshman in high school.

I did a pretty good job grading student papers over the weekend when Daisy was napping, so I don't have much proper work to do today besides planning for Tech Writing tomorrow, soooo you know what that means! I'll be spending some of my 3 hours in the writing center reading. We tend to get swamped with appointments whenever papers are due, and at least three classes (mine included) had major papers due last week. It should be relatively wasteland-like today, so I expect to dig into The Bluest Eye for My Year of Reading Dangerously. I've only read a little bit of it so far, but I have absolutely nothing to complain about...yet. I was a little nervous about tackling Morrison. I read Beloved as a teen and had absolutely no clue about what was going on. As an adult I've always heard a lot of dissent in regards to Morrison--how hard her stuff is to read, how obscure, how genuinely unpleasant, etc. However, I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised. From what I've read of the opinions at the MYoRD blog it seems to be a hit so far.

A sad thing happened this weekend. I showered, washed my hair, the usual nighttime routine on Saturday, and when I finished primping and decided to blow my nose, I realized my nose ring was gone. GONE! And I could not, for the life of me, remember where I put my backup nose rings. Sadly, I found them last night, tried to put one in, and the damn thing has already grown up on the inside. Talk about fast! So, it looks like if I want to go back to a pierced nose I'll have to get it redone. Luckily it's cheap as body piercings go...only about $25, but I do hate to have to go through all the cleaning and healing and bleeding part again. Uggg. Maybe I'll throw in the towel on piercings for a while. I'd had the darn thing for over 2 years, though, and I'd gotten quite attached to it.

Oh well, to brighten my own day, here are some Daisy pics from the weekend.

For more pics of the pup, check out the Flickr photo album on my sidebar. I'm constantly uploading new pics. Just click and it'll take you to the album.

And there's a story behind this last "Daisy" picture. On Thursday I got a call in the writing center that I had flowers at the front desk. It's a HUGE bouquet of...DAISIES...from my mom! Isn't she clever! She's been sending me Valentine's flowers at school or work for as long as I remember. Even when I was in elementary school, she had this wonderful habit of having goodies delivered to me at school on holidays and my birthday. It's been a few years since she did this, so I was totally shocked and surprised to receive this beautiful arrangement. Enjoy looking, but don't look directly at all the clutter on our bar. :D


  1. Enjoyed your column! It is interesting how our memory of a book can become distorted over time.
    And Daisy is simply too cute! :)

  2. Daisies are my favourite flower; they are so unpretentious. Good for your Mom.

  3. OH those pictures are so cute!!

    I liked your column, it is always interesting to look back at something you enjoyed when you were younger. Its funny that even though you hated reading it at the time, you remember it with so much fondness.

  4. Hahaha - Daisy looks so coy. Well not in that last pic so much! ;)

  5. I'm also always losing my piercings and having to have them redone, and you're right about the 'healing' stage being a bit annoying.

    I play soccer and rugby and have to take them out for the games, which is of course preferable to having them 'removed' by an opposition player! :D

    Sometimes in a fit of laziness I decide that i can't be bothered getting it done again, but it's not long before I start missing them and cave!

  6. Loved the column. Love the dog. LOOVE the daisies. It's my favorite flower ever. So sunny and sweet!

    God, I have the worst case of cabin fever!

  7. Nice column Andi, but don't you know Miss Havisham died as a result of trying to beat Mr Toad to the land speed record?

  8. Ahhh. Daisy is so cute! I love The Bluest Eye and I'm happy you are reading it. We've had some recent issues with it here at school. It's on the list of 12th grade novels and some parents really have a problem with the language and subject matter. I'll be interested to hear what you think about that when you finish it....

  9. Great column!

    The look on Daisy's face on the second picture is simply priceless :D

    And how sweet of your mom to do that!

  10. Adorable Daisy! Adorable daisies!

    I need to find my copy of The Bluest Eye and see if I can play catchup!

  11. Daisy is jut unbearably cute! I didn't know her name, till just now. Funny you named her the same thing I named my car. LOL

    Sorry about the nose ring. I've misplaced my calendar and I'm losing my mind. It's always in one of three places -- never, ever far away. Oh, where oh where could it be???? So, anyway, Anthony of Padua is the Patron Saint of Lost Things. I'm not Catholic but I'm about to invoke him. I need his help.

  12. Thanks, Nat! It is very interesting how books become distorted over time. Thanks to Great Expectations, I'm looking forward to re-reading some more of my favorite books to see how they've changed (or I've changed) over the years.

    Thanks, Ann! I love them, too.

    Kim, I found that odd, too. I only realized the contradiction when I really started thinking about how I felt back then as opposed to the glaze of nostalgia I've put over the experience through the years.

    LOL, Cold. B keeps telling her not to show her "special lady parts."

    antipodeanowl, I'm sort of enjoying being able to blow my nose risk-free, but I probably will start to miss it soon. I'll keep everyone posted. :)

    LOL, Stu!

    Katie, that really surprises me at the 12th grade level. I guess I'm of the mindset that they're practically adults, know such horrible things happen in the world, and will probably be reading something similar or worse in college! Definitely keep me posted. I'll be interested to hear how they handle it.

    Nymeth, she looks like a little devil doesn't she?!

    Come on, LK! I think you'd enjoy it. It's a beautifully written and quick read.

    LOL, Nancy! Now if only you had her in your car to help navigate! Our trip to the vet yesterday was a hoot. The office is right down the road from our house, so I held her on the way (was riding, B driving). She's SUCH a wiggle worm.

    And OH NO re: the missing calendar. I lost one of mine last week and thought I'd just croak without it.

  13. Pretty!

    (I'm talking about the flowers AND the pup)

  14. I hope you're continuing to enjoy T{he Bluest Eye!

  15. LOL, thanks, Nik. The flowers have almost bitten the dust now. Probably time to throw them out, but it's so sad getting rid of them. :( I almost bought a big pot full of almost-bloomed tulips this morning to replace them.

    Thanks, Nyssaneala! So far, so good! The dog's asleep, so I might knock off some more of it shortly.


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