Monday, February 25, 2008

Reading, the Weekend Update, and a Tropical Rash

What a cornucopia of a title, eh? It was a wild woolly weekend, so it's only fitting.

It all started Friday morning with a trip to the DMV to get my NC driver's license. I went in all concerned about the eye test because I have this weird situation where I'm near-sighted in one eye and far-sighted in the other. Sort of like monovision but without the contacts! Everything equals out just fine when I'm looking at something without covering up an eye, but when I have to look into those devilish little eye machines and read a row of letters, things can get hairy. My worries were completely misdirected because I passed the eye and sign recognition exams with flying colors but FAILED THE WRITTEN TEST BY ONE QUESTION. I won't write all the curse words here that I said to myself in the car on the drive of shame home. But they were bad. And varied. The happy ending is that I came home, studied some more, and passed this morning. Whew!

The wilder wooliness really kicked in on Saturday afternoon. B. and I went out to some motorcycle shops for him to browse, we popped into Staples so I could look over the office furniture, and then we went to Lowes so he could investigate the types of wood available to build me some bookshelves! Hurray for that. However, as we were wrapping up our Lowes shopping, he pointed at the portion of my chest exposed by my v-neck sweater and said, "Umm, what's happening to you?!" I'm allergic to dogs. Yes, yes, says the woman who just got a puppy for Valentine's Day. But it's one of those situations where I actually go out of my way to deny my allergy because the thought of not having a dog is a fate worse than death.

But I digress.

So anyway, I figured I was just breaking out from the dog I petted in one of the motorcycle shops. We proceeded to the truck to gallivant off for lunch and I realized this was no normal dog rash. This was a tropical mystery rash. Little tiny red bumps in two places on my collarbones and it was steadily, and quickly, spreading up my neck. My first thought, because I'm a freaker outer when it comes to ailments, was measles. But, ya know, I wasn't sick or anything. We ate a hurried lunch, stopped by Wal-Mart, and I Benadryled myself on the way home. I slept for a solid four and a half hours before I woke up to eat dinner and promptly Benadryled myself again.

Luckily, the rash is all but gone now with little signs of ever having been red and bumpy. Not sure what that was all about, but we've both come to the conclusion that it was probably something to do with a chemical or other allergic reaction from something in Staples or Lowes.

A piece of positive and exciting news comes on the heels of a wonderful discovery. When Daisy falls asleep in my lap in my reading chair, she doesn't mind that I read over her head!! Doesn't mind one bit. She spent the first 20 minutes or so attempting to chew on the book, but then she gave it up and went back to sleep. A brilliant discovery, and I think I'll finally have my steady flow of reading back.

And speaking of reading (see how this post almost seems to have clear organization?! WOW!), I'm almost finished with The Bluest Eye for My Year of Reading Dangerously. I expect I'll finish it at work today, or maybe even before work if I can get my ass off the computer.

And finally, in the last bit of reading news, my review of The End of America, by Naomi Wolf, is up at BiblioBuffet. I have to tell you, I'm really proud of this review. It took much burning thought and several drafts to get it right. I hope y'all like it!


  1. My (american) husband also failed the theory test by one question when he was getting his UK licence recently and there was much swearing from him too! Thanks for the link to your review, it's really excellent. I hope you feel proud of yourself, cos you deserve to. Thanks also for getting BiblioBuffet onto my radar, a very interesting site!

  2. Sorry about the driver's test.

    Daisy's is a cool dog. Any dog that allows you to read is cool. She's a keeper. :)

    I say this because I want a dog too. But the idea of the dog being left alone when I go to work is too cruel. So.

  3. I failed my written test by one question, too. I've never told anyone that before. UNITE!

  4. You have every reason to be proud of that review - it's an excellent one!

    That rash sounds scary! Good thing that it's gone.

    And Daisy simply rocks. My cats don't allow me to read over their heads. They start shifting and eyeing the book disapprovingly and eventually leave my lap altogether.

  5. We have the same eye problem! It's really weird isn't it? One word of comfort. As I get older my short sighted eye (I don't say what letters, or even what chart, for me it's what wall) is getting more long sighted and things are evening up a bit.

  6. The rash sounds super weird! Glad the Benadryl cleared it up (I am SO allergic to Benadryl it isn't even funny!)

    More Dasiy pics please!

  7. You're allergic to dogs and you just got a dog?! Does Daisy realize how very lucky she is? ;)

    I would've been freakin' out about the rash, too. I'm such a worry-wart.

    I have an astigmatism (sp?), too. Have reading glasses that help, but they don't really work for driving (or those blasted vision tests).

  8. Oh good, Logophile! I feel better. lol Glad you like the review!

    Orpheus, amen to Daisy the cool dog. I don't know what I'd do if she didn't let me read. I think I'm going to tie her out in the back yard today (she has a stake and a reallyyyyy long leash) and read while she frolicks.

    Right on, Becky!!!!

    It was very scary, Nymeth. Ugly and scary. lol And Daisy does rock. Now if only she'd learn to use the potty outside ALL of the time.

    LOL, thanks! That is some comfort. Maybe mine will match one day.

    Coming up, Cold! I'll take some outside pics of her today. I took a short movie of her killing her chew bone the other day. Hilllarious.

    Les, she'd better realize how lucky she is! Luckily my dog allergies are manageable. Cats, on the other hand, make me so sick it's impossible to have one.

  9. I think my husband needs to be inspired by your dedication to animals. Because since he's allergic to cats he keeps saying he can't get one. And I keep saying he can get allergy shots.

    A never ending battle.

    Glad you're less bumpy!

  10. congrats on the new license, its no fun to take it twice but at least now you don't have to worry about it!

    Make sure you keep putting pics of Daisy on the blog! That is fantastic that she lets you read. And I'm totally jealous that you can get away with reading at work. I just started my new job today, I will be too busy to do much besides eat lunch occasionally!

  11. Great review!
    Glad the tropical mystery rash cleared up! I always freak out a bit with rashes, imagining the worst.

  12. Fantastic review Andi! I have not read any Naomi Wolf (I know the shame!) but I'm so putting this on my list. Next time I'm at the library I'm going to see if they have it.
    Oh and hope the rash is all gone - I blame it on Lowes. Seriously, every time I walk into a Lowes or Home Depot I start sneezing.

  13. If it's any consolation, it took me six attempts to pass my driving test. My particular favourite failure was the time I slowed down behind a car, thinking it was just pulling out from the curb. It took me about thirty seconds to realise there wasn't anyone in it.

  14. LOL, Nik! Good luck. Although, I have to admit, my cat allergies are WAY worse than my dog allergies. B and I went to adopt a cat at Petsmart one day, and we took away the paperwork to fill out and bring back. When he saw the huge red whelps that broke out all down my neck and chest, where the cat was resting, he put the kibosh on the adoption idea. It was such a cute one-eyed cat, too!

    Kim, I am SO lucky to be able to read at work. I just commented to a friend today...we may not make much money as college instructors, but by God we have time to read! More Daisy pics comin' atcha this afternoon!

    Same here, Nat. I went from imagining measles to smallpox to some sort of undiscovered flesh eating bacteria. I'm not a drama queen or anything, though.

    Iliana, I hope you can get your hands on this book! It's amazing, and I think you'll enjoy it!

    Stu, I hope you don't mind, but I told my English class about your situation last night. I was sharing some embarrassing moments (failing my written test) and threw that one in as a bonus. :D


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