Tuesday, February 05, 2008

You Make My Dayyyy! You Make My Dayy-ayy-ayyy!

Yes, I'm singing the title to the tune of "Natural Woman."

In the last week or so, THREE fantabulous wonderful delightful bloggers have bestowed the "You Make My Day" award upon me, and I'm terribly behind in paying it forward. Dewey and Heather F, and Purl...thank you so much. You're all part of my everyday blog reading, and all make my day.

Now, to give this day-making award to 10 other bloggers. Some of you have already gotten it, I'm sure, but I'm not opposed to re-gifting in this case. ;)

Amanda A. - I love The Blog Jar for Amanda's razor sharp wit, snark, and smarts. She's a great read, so if you haven't been over there. Go forth!

Melissa - She always has great reviews posted, and she's a fan of children's and YA fiction, so I get TONS of great recommendations from her. Plus, she's a big reason Estella's Revenge keeps going. She always writes great pieces and helps out any way she can.

Lisa G, aka Bluestalking Reader - She's BRRRRRILLLIANT and hilarious. I can't get enough of her writing or her photos.

Eva - I happen to know she's already received this award, but I can't leave her out. I always look forward to hearing about Eva's latest reading adventures, and she reads across genres, so I get a ton of recs.

Lulu - She's an international woman of mystery! Her life teaching in Bangladesh is intensely interesting, and I learn a ton from all of her posts.

Katie - While she doesn't post nearly often enough for my taste, she's a busy woman. This teacher is gorgeous, talented, and a sweetie. Her ruminations on books, life, TV, and highlighters keep me rapt.

Courtney - I wanna be a writer like Courtney when I grow up. I'm always inspired by hearing about her busy life, her reading, her writing. It seems like she's always got a new essay in the works.

Sojourness - We're so much alike it's frightening. Right down to striped wine glasses and religious woes. Her blog is always full of fun and insight.

The Funky Bee - ...is a hoot! She's always doing something cool...crafting, traveling, eating great food, drinking great booze. She's got a puppy I totally covet, and a sense of humor that always brightens my day.

TheOtherFeminist - Keepin' this one close to home! Fem is one of my graduate school peeps that I miss horribly. She's a self-proclaimed pseudo-gypsy-neo-hippy-witchy-kitschy-quasi-intellectual wanna be. I *heart* her.

Reading: The End of America
Listening: "Taking the Long Way"...Dixie Chicks
Addicted to: Deal or No Deal...eeek!


  1. I am loving this Make My Day award -- such blog love fest :)
    Now I need to go check out some of these lovelies you mentiioned!

  2. I think you owe me a blog job.

    Yeah, you know what I mean.


  3. Aww-thanks so much Andi! I'll be off to explore your other choices. :)

  4. Aww, how nice Andi! Thanks for including me and all the nice things you said about me :O)

    I think, and you know, that you totally deserve all of the you make my day awards. You rock and we love you!

  5. I am so excited! Thanks a bunch. Does this mean I am on my way to becoming a cult leader in the blogosphere?

  6. Isn't it fun, Iliana?! I love reading everyone's recommendations.

    Johnny, I thought you were dead! But you're not. You're still pervy. There are some constants in the universe.

    Have fun, Eva!

    Awww, thanks, Funky!

    Exactly, Fem! You're on your way!

  7. The immortal words of Sally Field come to mind: YOU LIKE ME! YOU REALLY LIKE ME! (Sorry. Couldn't help myself. Thanks for this, Andi!)

  8. I love this thing, too. Way to share the love Andi.

  9. How fun! I'm gonna go check out some of these bloggers now!

  10. Thanks! I'll have to check out some of your other choices (cursing the slow slow slow internet service of the third world)


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