Monday, March 03, 2008

Crazy Daze!

Wow, it's only 11:11, and my day is already jam-packed. Here we go...

My NEGATIVE review of You Must Be This Happy to Enter, by Elizabeth Crane, is up at BiblioBuffet. Click HERE to read more. Negative reviews always present the biggest challenges for me, but I hope I've pulled this one off in a fair, even-handed, humorous way. It wasn't all bad, but it wasn't good either.

I'm in the throes of haggling over a car. Yep, I think I'm gonna trade in Silvia, my beloved 2003 Honda Accord. She's got 85,000 miles and climbing every day because I commute about 75 miles round-trip. Therefore, I'm looking to buy a hybrid. I have my eye on a 2008 Prius, but based on the crap offer I got this morning, I might consider a Honda Civic Hybrid as well. We'll see. I plan to drive a hard bargain.

This week is the changeover from the first quarter to the second quarter. While, technically, we do operate on a semester system, we offer "accelerated" courses on a quarter schedule as well. I teach Literature-Based Research and Technical Writing for the duration of the semester, while I taught a "college student success" course for the first quarter, and second quarter I'll teach an online version of the Lit-Based Research course. Should be fun trying to cram in 2 short papers, 2 tests, a research paper AND an annotated bibliography (not to mention discussion forum assignments and response papers) into 8 weeks. Pray for my soul.

And while you're at it, pray that I can get my butt away from anything and everything long enough to wrap up next week's BiblioBuffet column today, get Estella's Revenge online (almost there!) and take Daisy to her first installment of Puppy Kindergarten tonight.

And I'm hungry! Gotta go scrounge up something to eat.

Reading and loving: Demonology, by Rick Moody. More about that later.


  1. Ugggg- car shopping is the worst! Good luck with that! I will have to go check out your review, exciting stuff!

    Have a great week!

  2. We're kind of wishing we'd gotten a hybrid, but one of the key factors was the kiddo's 32-inch inseam. He's so freaking leggy that we thought it would be best not to get the kind of car that forces the knees up by the earlobes during road trips to swim meets. Good luck. I think Honda dealers are particularly bad because they know you soooo want the Honda. Hondas last.

    And, I think your negative review was spectacular. I wish I wrote half as well.

  3. Yayyy Puppy Kindergarten! I love it. We did it and it was so much fun. Our Lucy is going to be starting "basic training" later this month and I can't wait. Good luck with the car search. Can't wait to see what you end up with!

  4. Great review! I guess you weren't this happy to enter ;)

  5. good luck with car shopping-sounds like you have an icky commute, and a new car will make it nicer.

    I liked your review-I haven't heard of that book, but you still managed to make it sound interesting, even though it wasn't your ray of sunshine.

  6. Thanks, Cold!

    Nancy, I can see how the leggy kiddo could be a deciding factor. B was with me for the test drive on Saturday because he's quite leggy, too, and I wanted to make sure he wouldn't have his knees up his nose. At least with the Prius, if I fold the back seats down he can have the whole back of the car!

    And pfff re: your comment about writing half as well. Your writing is infinitely more entertaining and better crafted than mine.

    Thanks, Funky! We survived our first night, and she was afraid of EVERYTHING. lol She even ran from a POODLE! Poor girl.

    LOL, exactly, Chris!

    Thanks, Kim! That's what I was going for. I'm sure lots of other people would enjoy it, just not moi.

  7. You gave your car a name? Of course, I could just have an aversion to this sort of thing thanks to fellow fencers who name their swords. My friend Mike bought the most expensive sabre he could find, and named it 'ticklestick'

    Sounds like you're soon going to have fun trying to fit everything in.


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