Friday, March 07, 2008

Holy Crap.

Or holy shit, more like. I'm a new car owner! I got a pretty darn good deal on the Prius. Now I just hope I haven't overextended myself. I'm a total cheapskate. CHEAP I tell you.

Pics tomorrow.


  1. Cool. I'm kinda envious. Our next car will be very green. In the meantime, we're making an effort to pay our new one off in 19 months (two payments per month). Think we can do it? :)

    Oh, hey, tell me the name of the first Evanescence album, please!

  2. Well fiddle sticks! Now I have to start feeling bad about driving a land yacht. Ok, I'm going to start right now...almost...I'm thinking about feeling bad right now...maybe now...I think it is
    Actually, I have heard good things about this car, that it is actually very techie. Actually, that car is your style--sassy.

  3. Everyone has a new car lately. I'm just going to have to wash and vacuum mine to make it feel new. Because it's PAID FOR baby!

    Congrats on the purchase! It's exciting.

  4. The important question, I suppose, is whether you've thought of any names yet.

  5. Bookfool, I'm right there with ya. I'm gonna make some extra payments and try to get mine done in 28 months. Cross your fingers for me!

    And the first Evanescence album is called "Fallen."

    Fem, LOL, I knew you wouldn't feel bad about your yacht, and you shouldn't because I know you love it. Honestly, if I didn't drive about 80 miles round-trip everyday I probably would've kept my Honda. I loved my Honda. I almost cried when I turned over the key. And it is very techie! Backup cam, touch-screen display that handles the climate/radio/energy monitoring. CD player of course, and a plug-in for my iPod (that was high on my want list). Oh, and no key! There's a "key fob" that allows the car to start if it's in the car somewhere. And push-button start, push-park, and there's a weird button/handle thing on the dash that controls the gears (drive, reverse). Very strange and a little freaky, but I think I love it!

    Nik, I love this car, but I'll be bitching the entire way to a payoff. Seriously, I hate spending my money, so this was a painful process for me. LUckily, it was pretty damn painful for the salesmen (including the GM who ended up in the office trying to sell me) and finance manager. I'm a hardass.

  6. Stu, I think I'm gonna name her Pandora. Given the fact that I have to make payments now, I think I've opened up a box full o'problems for myself. No really, I joke, but I'm cheap and writing that check every month will pain me because I've never had a car payment before.

  7. Ooh! Congratulations! That's such a snazzy looking car. And Pandora is a great name! (My car is named Siouxie Sue.)

  8. Thank you! Fingers crossed for you. I've paid all of my cars off early. I hate car payments, so I try to get them out of the way as quickly as possible. We are soul-mates in cheapness.

  9. Congrats on the new purchase! What a great feeling, huh? A terrific new car smell, plus savings at the pump, plus saving the environment. A win win win!

  10. LOL, I like your car's name, too, Jen!

    Amen, Nancy! I hate payments of any kind. I have a couple of small credit cards (Belk, Lane Bryant) that I'm going to pay off this month so they're out of the way when I start car payments. I have student loan payments every month, too, and I always pay a little extra on those in an effort to bump them off quicker. *sigh* Maybe one day I'll be debt free(er).

    Thanks, Chris!

    Kim, it is a great feeling!!! I actually have to remember how much I'm saving in gas when car payment time rolls around. I was buying or, most of the time two, tanks of gas a week in my old car. It cost about 40 dollars to fill it up, so this should be a significant savings.

  11. Oops, that should be "one, or most of the time two." Ugg--typos.


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