Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday Mishmash

There's a distinct possibility I'm coming down with the flu B. has had. I lounged around all weekend, slept late a few days, was generally worthless, and I'm still so exhausted that walking and breathing are huge efforts. If I feel much worse tonight, we may not be making it to puppy school. Ugg.

Speaking of puppies, isn't she growing like a weed? I have no idea what she weighs now, but I would guesstimate 10-12 pounds and ALL LEGS.

Play position. She cracks me up begging me to throw a ball, toss a shoe, or let me let her chew on my toes.

Too excited for rawhide.

Finally, big enough to get on the couch all by herself. This presents a problem since we'd taken to stashing all of our things (including shoes and her leashes) on the couch out of her reach. It required a whole new level of puppy proofing. Pardon the weird lamp in the corner. We used it one night when she was younger, scared, and in a different crate. I haven't bothered stashing it back in its hiding place just yet.

So maybe I wasn't completely worthless this weekend. B. and I put new red mulch around our shrubs (which required digging out the existing pine straw and pulling up a plethora of wild onions) and installed this GORGEOUS new rose bush. These are Mardi Gras roses, and I'm in love. I've wanted an orange rose bush for ages now, but this orange/yellow/pink hybrid captured me immediately.

Finally, and this is really the best part, I have bookshelves!! Two, 6-foot, cherry bookcases to be exact. And guess what? They hold ALLLLL OF MY BOOKS with almost two whole shelves left over. I'm trying my best not to fill up those last shelves. I have a stack of books to donate to the library and I pass them off via Bookmooch when I can. I only keep the ones I really love and will re-read.
In reading news, I'm still not. I've decided to wipe my plate clean (bye-bye Cat's Eye and People's History of American Empire). I'll come back to them, but I need a fresh start. I grabbed Angela Carter's short story collection, The Bloody Chamber, from the shelves before I left the house this morning, but now I sort of wish I'd taken the 7th Fables installment, Arabian Nights (and Days).
And since Chris tagged me for the 6-word Memoir meme, here are several I came up with on Friday:
Late students, late papers, migraine headache.
Reading is what life's all about.
Dazed, confused and utterly put out.
Hungry and tired, not dead yet.
Mean, green, and not very lean.

Oh, and if you enjoy irony, remember how I named my car Pandora? Pandora like the goddess that opened up the box o'trouble for the world? Welp, the car has to go to Toyota tomorrow because the bladder inside the gas tank isn't filling correctly. Yep, shot myself in the arse, I do believe.
Finally, this week's "Finicky Reader" column is about how my teaching has affected my reading. Give "The Cold Stare of the Disinterested" a read if you have a moment.


  1. Look, if you're not careful you're going to be dragging the infection round with you all through the Spring. Take a rest you're worth it. I am so envious about the bookshelves. Two whole empty shelves! I would give a lot for two whole empty inches.

  2. Good point, Ann! I'll keep that in mind. As for the shelves, I was shocked and amazed! Of course, that's slightly misleading since I have several bookcases of "favorites" and classics in Texas with my mom. Oh well.

  3. Daisy does look much bigger! But still adorable, of course.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Love the new bookcases!! What fun. (Are we dorks to get excited about bookcases??)

    Bummer about the gas tank. Hope it's a quick fix.

    I think I'm fighting some sort of a cold/flu, myself. Don't really feel sick, but just tired and a little congestion in my throat/chest. So much crud going around right now and I'm hoping this isn't going to turn into something awful. Take care of yourself!

  5. Ooh another bibliobuffet post! I'll check it out.
    And, that Daisy does look much bigger. I so want a dog but of course what I really want is a puppy and they don't stay that size very long. Ugh.
    Hurrah for your new shelves. Hurry up an fill 'em :)

  6. Sorry you've been feeling bad, but I hope you'll be feeling better soon. I LOVE the new bookshelves. I'm still waiting on my hubby to build me some! Maybe for our anniversary in May. I read your article and really enjoyed it! I always find more in my reading if I have a discussion in mind -- book group, blog post, etc.

  7. I am oh so very jealous of the bookshelves. Where'd you find 'em??

  8. Okay, so it was good to buy the Honda. Sorry you have to take the car back, already. Love the bookshelves and the titles!

  9. Thanks, Nymeth!

    Thanks, Les! I hope it's a quick fix, too. At least they give me a car to drive in Pandora's absence!

    Iliana, getcha a little dog that'll never "grow up!" lol

    Thanks, Lisa! Get after the hubby about those shelves. Bookworms need that storage space. :)

    Jen, I actually found them at a discount store called Rose's. It's sort of the equivalent of a Big Lots. Great buys and surprisingly good lookin' furniture.

  10. I am drooling over your book shelves!!! LUCKY!!!!

  11. I'm so envious of your bookshelves and all that space! I think it's your duty to fill them up! Oh and another great column! Hope the flu passes you by unharmed.

  12. I have been gardening too! It has been so long since I have gotten down and dirty! Spring is stirring the blood and of course my birthday is on the spring equinox. However, the ground seems farther away when I bend over and gravity seems to be stronger when I try to get up. Those 40 pound bags of dirt are heavier too...maybe that is why my body is hurting! UGH! Now that I see your rose bush I want to plant some, I love roses and I love books. Ahhh, if all of life were roses and books! And of course adorable grandbabies. Enjoy your rosebush and books.

  13. The roses are lovely, the bookshelves WILL fill up, and at least Daisy isn't able to leap on top of doors and attack you as you go past(as my cat has been known to do).

    Do new cars ever work properly?

  14. I hope you feel better soon, Andi! Daisy is growing fast--she looks like she's got a great personality not to mention a lot of energy. She and my Riley would probably have a lot of fun together. :-)

    Your bookshelves sound wonderful. I could use another one or two, but I don't think that will happen anytime soon.

    I hope you feel better soon and have a good rest of the week.

  15. yayy yaayy yayyy!!! Puppy pictures!!!! She is ADORABLE and she really is growing so quickly. I love that she has such long legs, our little Lucy is all legs too and it's hilarious! If you need any puppy proofing ideas let me's become our life's work!

  16. Previous pix of the pooch! :)

  17. Adorable pictures of Daisy, as usual! Hope you feel better soon, because that does not sound like much fun.

    Great article, by the way. As a student, I guess I never thought much about how the professors felt to be on the other side of the table, but I have to imagine it is pretty intimidating at first!

    Cars have a way of draining away extra money, even when they are hybrids. Hey at least it happened quickly, so there's the warranty, right?

  18. Thanks, Heather! I love that cherry finish.

    Thanks, Nat! And I'm sure I will fill them to bursting despite my best efforts to leave some breathing room!

    LOL, Fem. Roses and books indeed!! What have you been planting?!

    Stu, that's a good point re: cats. S. has two and one of them used to stalk people from atop her bookshelves.

    LF, I wish she could play with your dog! She's really afraid of other dogs because there aren't any around here. She needs to be socialized. She FINALLY played with a chihuahua the other night at puppy class.

    Thanks, Funky! She's totally all legs, and she has noooo coordination. Hilarious.

    It is very intimidating at first, Kim. I used to get positively terrified when I first started teaching. However, now it's old hat (the teaching of writing, that is). As for cars, they do have a tendency to suck up money. Luckily, this one won't have much of a chance. I bought the 7 year/100,000 mile warrant! Whee!


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