Monday, March 17, 2008

Or Maybe I Was Right...

...and The Bloody Chamber is the perfect book to cure my slump. A delicious quote?

I saw him watching me in the gilded mirrors with the assessing eye of a connoisseur inspecting horseflesh, or even of a housewife in the market, inspecting cuts on the slab. I'd never seen, or else had never acknowledged, that regard of his before, the sheer carnal avarice of it; and it was strangely magnified by the monocle lodged in his left eye. When I saw him look at me with lust, I dropped my eyes but, in glancing away from him, I caught sight of myself in the mirror. And I saw myself, suddenly, as he saw me, my pale face, the way the muscles in my neck stuck out like thin wire. I saw how mcuh that cruel necklace became me. And, for the first time in my innocent and confined life, I sensed in myself a potentiality for corruption that took my breath away.

Don't ya just love it? Deeelicious.


  1. I love it indeed. This is one of my favourite short story collections ever.

  2. Your "currently reading" in the sidebar cracks me up. My "currently reading" still says "War and Peace" and I've laid that down during Christmas break!
    Which is worse, nothing or something-I-haven't-finished-yet?

  3. I love angela carter. I am in the bloody chamber section of her book Burning your Boats.

  4. It's fantastic so far, Nymeth. Funny thing is, I've started it before and didn't get very far before laying it aside. Apparently I'm just in the right mood now!

    Bellezza, well as least I'm in good company! lol

    I need to mooch Burning Your Boats. I'm in love with Carter now. At least I have Heroes and Villains on my TBR, too.

  5. Delicious in kind of a creepy way.

    About the sidebar comment . . . I'm still carrying The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle with me everywhere but I think you could say it's technically been "set aside", again. I am soooo flunking your challenge.

  6. Oh that is yummy. After this nonfiction kick I've been on is over, I may have to get one of hers off my shelf. I do love me some Angela Carter.

  7. No worries, Nancy. It looks like I might not finish the book for this month myself. You can always deem some alternates "dangerous" later. No prob!

    What have you read of hers, Heatheroo? I could always use more recs to add to my tbr.

  8. I've read Wise Children and it was awesome. Really, really loved it. I also have The Magic Toyshop, Burning Your Boats, The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman, Love, and Saints and Sinners. I went a little crazy at after I read Wise Children. Of course, I haven't read any of them yet and that was probably over a year ago!



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