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Check out this week's "Finicky Reader" column to read about my obsession with my favorite writers' quirks. My curiosity then leads me to discuss some of the quirks of readers because the writers can't get all the crazy credit.

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  1. What a great article, Andi! I found myself nodding along as I read as well as laughing to myself.

    I try not to think of myself as a hoarder even though I know that's exactly what I've become. I am a bit book obsessed, something I used to hide but of which I know speak freely.

  2. Great column, as always! You make several excellent points.

    I have been called crazy several times by non-readers, and even a few times by other readers who aren't as obsessive as I am.

    And I hear the "have you no life?" comment on a weekly basis. I just smile and shrug, but I really can't understand why some people refuse to accept that reading a book is as valid a way to spend your time as playing sports or going shopping or chatting with friends or whatever it is that they do with their own free time.

  3. Yep, I'm a hoarder, too. How odd that your library co-worker couldn't understand the enjoyment of snagging all those books. What is she doing working in a library, for Pete's sake?!

    Great article!

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed this, Andi, and it got me thinking about the my own little reading quirks. Perhaps they'll show up on a post over at Bookstack sometime in the near future.

    And I must say, I'm amazed that a fellow librarian wouldn't understand the delight to be found in that treasure trove of books.

    I make no apologies to anyone for my book lust...I've been so inclined practically since birth, and I'm not about to change now.

  5. Why do I always assume anyone working in a library is book crazy? I know that's not necessarily the case but man, if I had been there, my retort would have been, "What the hell are you doing here if you have to ask a stupid question like that?"

    That was a fun article! I know that I'm strange to many -- almost all of my friends stare at my bookshelves not in admiration or joy but bewilderment tinged with a bit of wtf.

  6. I loved that! My hubby thinks I'm a bit crazy, especially all the books that come in the mail. The hoarding worries him, I'm sure, but he does hoard wire. Because you never know when you'll need wire.

  7. Thanks, LF! I generally try not to think of myself as a hoarder either, but it sort of soaked in once I moved here to NC and had to haul all (most) of the books. Since then I've taken extra steps to buy fewer and give away more.

    Nymeth, thanks! Great point. I can't understand how anyone could view reading as a non-hobby. Why not?

    That was my question, Les. She was one of those "just here for the paycheck" people.

    Thanks, Becca! I hope to see a list of your quirks on Bookstack. Maybe it'll catch on and we can all divulge our deepest readerly secrets. :)

    Imani, I've gone so far as to stop assuming English profs are readers. Shocking, but sadly very true that some of them just aren't!

    Wire, Chris? Hmmm. lol

  8. Great article, Andi. I guess it's time for me to fess up. "Hello, my name is Lisa, and I'm a bibliophile." There, I feel better already.

  9. Great writing as usual Andi! I think of myself as a hoarder too. I'm trying not to pay attention to the number of unread books I have but it's getting harder to not notice this as I now have bookstacks next to overstuffed bookshelves (of unread books). Yes, I guess us bookworms are an odd lot :)

  10. Great column! Please tell me more about Sherwood Anderson's penning of Winesburg, Ohio though. Naked, really? I already wanted to read it but my interest is even further piqued now. Clearly, I would be putty in your hands if I was one of your students...

  11. 400 unread books? I'm not sure I could cope with knowing that I hadn't read them yet.

  12. LOL, Lisa! We should all form a support group. Then we could all get together and trade book recommendations! Wait, that's what we do now. Drat! ;)

    Iliana, I'm not as bad as I used to be. I'm beginning to use the library more, and of course Bookmooch. I realized when I was putting my shelves together a few weeks ago that I only had probably 5-6 new "favorites" to keep. I'd given the rest away. Wow!

    Kate, it's a very interesting tidbit, isn't it? I leared this juicy info from an installment of The Writer's Almanac. You can read the bit on my old writing blog, Estella Scribbles. Here's the whole story:

    Stu, that actually probably encompasses some that I have read and a mixture of those I haven't. My current TBR that's here with me in NC is probably closer to 150-200.

  13. Nicely done. I was thinking just the night about how I need to write a post about how my reading habits have unintentional consequences-when I'm really into a book, I might not be able to sleep until I've finished it. Not good for being alert at work the next day.

  14. I'm right there with you, Kim. It's especially bad for me on Monday and Wednesday nights. I have to get up at 5am on Tues/Thurs. Those nights are reading free zones. If I get caught up in a book I'll be zonked for my T/Th 8am class.


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