Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Valium, please.

Whoa, what a week (and it's only Tuesday). A bulleted list of what's shakin' in AndiLand:

-Pandora the Prius is up from 40 miles/gallon when I got her to 44 miles/gallon. I have a picture and a running total on my office door, and the colleagues get a kick out of it.

-I'm up to my nose hairs in papers to grade. I'm teaching two Argument & Research courses (one online, one f2f), two Lit-Based Research courses (one online, one f2f), and a Tech Writing. All of them have turned in or will turn in papers this week! Stupid me for setting the schedule like that!

-Daisy has reached a whole new level of puppy craziness. I was on the phone with my mom last night when she ran by, grabbed my finger where it rested on my leg, bit down, and stripped the skin off below the nail. Ironic since she should learn not to do things like that in puppy school, and puppy school was cancelled last night. She redeemed herself by falling asleep in the recliner with me at 9:00 last night and napping with me from 5:30-6:30 this morning.

-I found out yesterday I can refinance my new car (that I just financed with Toyota last week) with my credit union for 1% less interest, AND I can defer my payments during the summer when I'm not teaching. Hot damn! I'm convinced.

Bulleted list complete.

Yesterday I actually had a few minutes to sit down and read--between Daisy being staked out to play in the backyard and giving her a bath--and I gulped down a chunk of Cat's Eye. Love it. LOVE. IT. Atwood is such an acquired taste (for me), but her characterization of really horrible, backbiting women is spot on. God, women can be so cruel. I would've been a much better boy in that respect (don't enjoy gossip and backbiting), but I really like tiaras. Hmmm.

I'm taking the afternoon off from responsibility. Well, as much as a woman can who's at work writing "I'm taking the afternoon off from responsibility." I will certainly meet with my one appointment, and I'll have to do Daisy responsibility when I get home, AND, well, I know students will be e-mailing from my online courses about the upcoming due dates, BUT aside from that, I'm taking off. I'll be blog hopping as soon as I click "Publish Post."


P.S. I have the newest SIMS 2 expansion pack, "Free Time," waiting at home for me. Get out of the way!


  1. Ok, what is up with Daisy! Eek. Now you need to post more pics to remind us of her cuteness and all will be forgiven :)
    And, yay for Pandora! I wish I had a hybrid but I do have a small car so thankfully I do get quite a bit of miles per gallon.

  2. It never fails that when they get you all riled up, they do something cute and you can't help but forget what it was exactly they did wrong in the first place. :-)

    I am glad you were able to get some reading done.

  3. Holy smokes your busy. I like a slower paced life but I really admire people who can go go go!

    You should post a picture of Daisy in or near Pandora. That would overflow with cuteness.

  4. I like this idea that men don't gossip and backbite. Trust me, we do. If you don't believe me, find a sports team where one participant, or a small group, is on the field of play while the others stay on the benches (cricket, baseball, etc.) Wait until someone has gone out, then listen to the others.

  5. Iliana, hell if I know, but I'm ready for her to CALM DOWN. But yeah, she continually redeems herself by laying on my chest or curling herself around my neck when I'm in my reading chair. Too cute!

    Wendy, isn't that the truth?! Darn these dogs and their innate ability to weasel themselves out of trouble.

    Nik, I really (foolishly) thought life would be a little more laid back now that I'm out of grad school and teaching full time. I suppose I should know better working 2 jobs, trying to pay student loans, maintain some semblance of a writing pasttime, AND have a relationship (with dog). Ugg. I'm ready for a nap.

    LOL, Stu. Women just get stuck with the stereotype, yes? I'll be listening closely at the bench when I got to a basketball or baseball game. :)


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