Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Weirdest Parts of Prius Ownership

1. No key. There's a "key fob" that can either be put into an ignition-type slot in the dash, or you can just have it in the car somewhere. Same thing with the door locks; if you're standing close enough with the fob in a purse or pocket, you can hit the button and unlock the car.

2. The lack of noise. When I'm sitting at a stop light and the car is running completely on battery, there's absolutely no noise. I have to let off the brake just to remind myself that the car can move.

3. The fact that I've driven 62 miles in it thus far, and the gas gauge has yet to go down from full at all.

4. The backup cam! It's one of my favorite features, but it still freaks me out. When you put it in reverse the cam automatically comes up to show you what's behind. And it beeps inside the cabin, garbage-truck style.

5. Which leads me to the next weird thing...the touch screen! All of the car's controls are via touch screen (with the exception of some controls on the steering wheel). Audio, trip info, and climate are all controlled by touch.

6. The transmission. There isn't a proper gear shift, just a stubby little handle sticking out of the dash that's used to put it in drive and reverse.

7. Which leads to the last, most obvious weird thing: push-button start and park. Just a button. So weird.

The evidence:

Shining green and sparkly in the sun.

Lots of cargo space for hauling books! There's storage space under this area, and the seats fold down flat.

My beloved backup cam. Great for short people like me who have trouble seeing out the back of anything.

Two glove boxes. More room for books.

Birds playing around it. It's a friend of the animals already! There were a bunch of them, but most flew off when they saw the camera (shy).


  1. It's sooooo pretty!

    New puppy, new car. Life's great.

  2. Sweet car!! I love it!! I have a backup indicator on mine. It beeps whenever I'm close to something. That thing has saved me more than once!!

  3. Oooh it's so cool! Good for you getting a prius. Happy driving!

  4. What a nice car. And the rear camera sounds useful. Only the gear stick sounds weird, though that might just be that I'm not really a fan of automatics.

  5. I think it's adorable! My favorite thing about it is all the storage space for books. :)

  6. So many very cool features on your new car! Enjoy it...and it looks like there is plenty of room for Daisy amidst the books :)

  7. Delurking.

    My handsome husband has learned how to drive our Prius (dark red) in order to maximize the gas mileage, and I'm constantly hearing the stats. Except for winter, 50 mpg is standard for him, though I'm not so gifted, still 40 mpg isn't all bad.

    I wish the backup cam had been available when we bought ours.

    I hope you enjoy driving your Prius!

  8. Nik, thanks!

    Stephanie, I never really thought I'd like the backup cam/indicator, but it's just luscious.

    Logophile, thank you! It's great so far. Tomorrow I two longish drives, so I'll get intimately acquainted with it.

    Could be, Stu. It's hard to get used to, but I'm still lovin' it.

    Amen, Jen!

    RR, absolutely! She gets to ride in it to puppy school tomorrow night, and I think she'll love it.

    Welcome out of lurkdom, Jennifer. I take it as a personal challenge to figure out the perfect driving capabilities to milk every last mile out of the thing. So far I'm up to 42 mpg, but it's also not broken in. Only 90 miles on it so far. Come back and comment any time, and thanks for stopping in.

  9. What an awesome car! And how appropriate that it's green! I love it.

    When we took my MiniCooper in for some work last year, we got a loaner Mini and it had a key fob like yours. No turning of a key to start the engine. Very weird and a bit hard to get used to.

    Enjoy! I'm green with envy. ;)

  10. I am taking delivery (with the back up camera) this week and can't wait.

    During the period since I placed my order I have scanned hundreds of sites.

    Looking forward and thanks for the list of 'favorite things."

    Steve in Tel Aviv

  11. Thanks, Les! I love it so far (today's the first time I've gotten to drive it for any extended period of time). My personal best gas mileage so far: 42 mpg. And it's not even broken in yet! As for the key fob, I don't even have to plug it in, but I don't dare put it in the car and not plug it into the dash. I'm certain I would completely forget about it and leave it in the cup holder or something.

    It's great fun, Steve. I hope you enjoy yours!

  12. Congrats on the new car! I'm so tempted with this one as well, because its very fuel efficient. Love the back camera, the GPS and the great suspension gear.

  13. That backup cam is totally fabulous! I'm short too so this would be great.

  14. That car is so cool (and I just love anything that's green)!

  15. glad you are enjoying your new car! It sounds like a great fit for you. I would be weirded out by the lack of a key as well. I bet you'll get so used to it, it will be weird when you drive a different car and have to use a key again :-)

  16. Great car. Love the color. And you can haul a crapload of books in that back end! ;)

  17. So amazing. I want one!!!

  18. Thanks, Matt! This car is great for soothing my guilty conscience. I hate emissions!

    Tara, the backup cam is a lifesaver!

    LOL, me too, Stephanie. I'm addicted to green. I usually tend toward silver or black cars, but I couldn't resist the pull of the silver pine mica.

    Kim, exactly! This morning I took a walk on the wild side and put the key in the cup holder. Worked like a charm! So weird!

    Amen to craploads of books, Carl!

    Melanie, it's wooonderful. I think it's love.

  19. Congrats on the new car! We really wanted a Prius when we bought a car two years ago, but it was out of our price range. Went with a Corolla instead, which gets 40mpg on the highway, better than a lot of other so-called hybrids out there! Someday, I will have my Prius.


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