Friday, March 07, 2008


I'm driving one of these today! No, I haven't bought it yet, but they let me drive it to work today while they put numbers together. Isn't it cute?! Go GREEN, I say! And the backup camera is the shizzle. How did I ever live without one??
I felt like a complete and utter bad@ss when I walked in and said "I've got an hour, I don't need to test drive it, here's my trade in. I will not finance over 3-4 years, and my interest rate is 5.75%. GO!"
I think I might like this wheelin' and dealin' thing. More news later, when I get numbers.



  1. Cute! I hope they make you a good deal.

  2. Wow! I should hire you to take my daughter car shopping. Oh, ya. You're not in Dallas anymore. :( She's looking to trade in her far too expensive Infiniti (Accura?? I can't remember what the heck she has - it's red and fast and too much $$) for something more affordable. She's not too comfortable with the whole idea of dealing with car salesmen, so we're thinking of a road trip to Dallas to help her shop.

    Good luck with your wheelin' & dealin'! :)

  3. I would like to go green. But I need more green.

    Good luck with what I hope is your new ride.

  4. Wow, that is cute! Congrats :)


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