Friday, March 28, 2008

Winding down...

Hard to believe I've been off work for seven days now. Which means, sadly, only a few more to go. I'm astounded by the amount of stuff I haven't accomplished over the last seven days. I've had a great time reading, napping, playing with Daisy, and doing sundry errands, but at the end of the day (week) I still have student papers to grade and some house cleaning that needs to be done. B. will be home shortly and I'm sure I'd much rather go loafing with him than do my work, which means it'll be put off another day (or two), and I'll curse myself into oblivion on Sunday night.

But at least I know all this about myself. I can prepare.

Daisy cuteness? Shall we?

Her favorite perch atop my reading chair. She often stretches herself around my neck when I'm sitting here.

Perch, again. And determined not to move.

Naught girl. She loves to chew on a sock.

To do list (for my own reference since paper is likely to be lost to Daisy or the troll that steals my lists):
  • Play SIMS 2 (very important for national security)
  • Go to he post office
  • Grade papers
  • Grade online "papers'
  • Put together a conference panel (by next Friday)
  • Clean the kitchen

Meh. Maybe I'll just read.


  1. OMG YAYYY! I love Daisy's ears!!! So cute. And don't beat yourself up...I was off work for 3 months and I can't really tell you anything solid that I accomplished during that time. I went back to work saying, "shit! Where did the time go and I have so much I still wanted to accomplish..." Oh well!

  2. Love the photos, Andi! Reading sounds like the best plan. :-) Sims 2 is so addicting! I had to give it up because I was spending too much time playing.

  3. hi, I read your comment the TLK, and just wanted to say Bravo! I am sort of furious about the dumbing down of our kids in the school system. (even though my kids are older --they still experience dumbing down in college classes--

    when I was in school we were treated like pre- adults reading wise, and challenged-- but kids today are treated like --oh they won't understand that--
    well they can try to understand anyway. That was the whole point to teaching back then--to try and get kids to think, wonder about things, understand what they could.

    Teachers have a much harder road today and need to be appreciated more and given the freedom to teach.

  4. It's amazing how time off equals leaving everything you SHOULD be doing to the last possible day. I just had a four day weekend and was panicking on the last day, thinking "Where did all the time go??" Oh well!

  5. The problem with putting things off until the last minute is that the last minute is then a very busy minute. Still, reading... marking... reading... marking...

    eenie meenie minie mo...

  6. Personally, I think you should skip all housework and chores and enjoy the weekend. That's what I plan to do. I'm using the excuse of having a sore throat. No, really. It's really sore. I think I need to stay in bed all weekend with my book and perhaps have someone wait on me with hot tea, warm cookies, hourly back rubs, and wine in the evening. Yep, that's the ticket.

  7. Oh, your words sound so familiar. A week seems like such a long time at the beginning of it, doesn't it?

    Daisy is so adorable perched on your reading chair. I love having my two furry reading buddies. One's usually on the back of the chair, the other on the ottoman at my feet.

  8. Oh my gosh, I'll have a week and a half off! I'll get so much accomplished. I'll get up to date on cleaning, and all those projects I've been meaning to do, and I'll do all this writing and reading...

    Fast forward 1 1/2 weeks

    Hmmm... I did nothing. Oh well.

    Yup that was usually my thinking over breaks in college.

  9. Oh, they call spring break a "break" for a reason....

    P.S. I love Daisy's ears!

  10. LOL, well that does make me feel a wee bit better, Funky. And aren't her ears the cutests? I just wanna chew on 'em.

    Fem, oh right. lol

    LF, isn't it the most addicting game EVER?? Hours pass and I would never know unless I happened to glance at the clock.

    DCB, I completely agree with you. I remember being challenged and think it's so sad that we're so worried, as a society, about making children feel "less" that we don't challenge them at all. It's gone to such an extreme that it's completely backfiring. I have a great friend who teaches high school, and she used to take the ideas she was learning in the college classroom--issues of philosophy and literary criticism--and present those to her high school students. They LOVED IT. Because they were incredibly challenged and got to play with wholly new ideas. She did a great job and is a shining example of the attitude more teachers should take.

    That's me, Melanie! Luckily, I just realized I can procrastinate even a bit more since I don't have any classes to teach on Monday. But, I will be locked up with nothing to do in the Writing Center. I'll grade then. LOL

    Exactly, Stu. But guess what? I'm stilllll procrastinating! lol

    Oooh, that's a masterful plan, Les!

    Becca, it always seems like a reallyyyy long time until one lands on the last days. *sigh*

    Amen, Kim!

    Thanks, Jen? Aren't they munchable?


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