Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hurried Niblets (in Butter Sauce)

No time to spare, no time to spare! Except here I am...sparing!

I came into work early today, got a buttload of stuff done, and now I'm in the WC 'til 3:00. Then I get to head home, play with the pup for a short while, and I'm off again to collect research projects in my Wednesday night class. I'm extremely tempted to take the pup with me to work since my students have heard about her allll semester long, and I think she would LOVE playing in the park near the college. We'll see. Tonight is the start of the grading FRENZY that will last until May 7th at the latest (I hope, since grades are due by 10:00 AM on the 8th).

Between now and the end of semester, I'll probably pop in and out quickly, and I'm sure I won't get to read as much bloggy goodness as I'd like. Hang with me! This too shall pass! Or so I tell myself.

A few bookish/random niblets:

  • Thanks to Edward Champion, host of my very favorite literary podcast, "The Bat Segundo Show" for taking the time to drop me an e-mail. He came by last week and saw my mention of the podcast. If you haven't already, GO DOWNLOAD SOME! They're tres fun.

  • A university student from Berlin e-mailed me after finding my Master's thesis title via this blog. She'd like to use my thesis in her research on Fables. How cool is that?? Now I've got to help figure out how to get her a copy. Interlibrary Loan is a bit touchy when it comes to international swaps it seems. Cross your fingers for her!

  • Oh, and speaking of my Master's thesis, I got the Library of Congress classification info earlier this week! That baby is copyrighted and catalogued! Sweeet!

  • I love the Garlic & Parmesan Kettle Cooked potato chips from Wal-Mart. They make me weak in the knees. Or maybe that's just all the carbs.

Now, a few noteworthy passages from The Sorrows of an American. I have less than 100 pages to go, and I WILL lock myself in the bathroom to finish if need be.

"Language is often flimsy, I thought, a thin drool of received knowledge empty of any real meaning, but when we are heavy with emotion, it can be excruciating to speak. We don't want to let the words out, because then they will also belong to other people, and that is a danger we can't risk" (196).

"'Our own father used to talk about city slickers,' I said, smiling at my sister. 'But every perceived difference, no matter how slight, can become an argument for Otherness--money, education, skin color, religion, political party, hairstyle, anything. Enemies are enlivening. Evil-doers, jihadists, barbarians. Hatred is exciting and contagious and conveniently eliminates all ambiguity. You just spew your own garbage onto someone else'" (195).

Which brings to mind an upcoming rant about the faux pa of being smart in America. This particular diatribe-in-the-works was sparked by a discussion with Susan Jacoby on BookTV about her new book, The Age of American Unreason.

See y'all in another day or two'ish!


  1. Ooooo!! Anxiously awaiting the rant. . . It sounds like something I'll like! ;-)

    Happy grading!

  2. See, I told you you could do double duty in the WC!

    Ok, I have to say it, Ms. Greenie - you shop at Walmart??? Don't get me started....

  3. Lezlie, stay tuned! I think you'll dig it.

    Terri, in my defense I live in a rural area. Unfortunately Wal-Mart is one of the only retailers that exists here, and they've already driven out many of the small business owners. It blows. Blows I tell you.

  4. Ooooo..... Many congrats on the L of C. I can only close my eyes and dream. :) Oh, and also thanks for the music recs in your last post. Loved 'em!!

  5. Congrats on getting requests for your thesis AND getting the info. that it's been cataloged. Very Cool! Good luck with all the grading.

  6. (Cross posted comment on Unlikely Activist) Oh geez, I outed you on your own blog! I know there are no easy answers. It’s easy for me in one of the greenest cities in the States to buy locally, go to farmers’ markets 5 days out of the week, find relatively cheap organic food and have a wide variety of whole foods groceries and co-ops within a few mile’s radius.

    I think we all need to do what we can where we are. And I need to stop giving people a hard time about not doing it perfectly! Especially when I don’t know the circumstances. Mea culpa. But it is a good topic for discussion on the Unlikely Activist blog!

  7. Take the puppy. Everyone loves a puppy.

  8. Could you email the German student a copy of your thesis? Might be the easiest thing.

    A number of uni libraries are now putting copies of theses and dissertations online, eg Maynooth over here:

    Makes research a lot easier :)

  9. There's nothing quite like looking through a library catalogue and finding your thesis for the first time. In my case, it's a feeling tempered only slightly by remembering that I accidently left a spelling mistake on the first page.

  10. Presenting my thesis today, getting a bit nervous here. How cool that someone has found your thesis and wants to adopt it as reference! :)

    I've been taking George to campus with me when he was a puppy. I just thought it would be better to have him along. That way he wouldn't wreak havoc at the house and I can keep his company from time to time.

  11. Glad you liked the recs, Cdn! Enjoy! And the L of C business is a bit surreal. :)

    Thanks, Lisa! On both fronts.

    Thanks, Terri! Addressed your comment over at Unlikely Activist.

    They did love her, Nik. She had a blast!

    Fence, I could. I'm also going to suggest ProQuest. It's the service that carries mine online, I believe.

    Stu, I don't even want to talk about the mistakes I realized in mine. Too late, of course.

    Good luck, Matt! And George is adorable. I can see why you would want to take him with you. :)

  12. So did you take Daisy to work? When i first started teaching I was in a school about ten minutes walk from home and my classroom was a portacabin in the playground. About two months into the first term one of the children suddenly said, "Oh look! There's a dog looking through the window". And there was our Ben , who had got out and tracked me all the way to work. I had to bring him in for much telling off and dirty looks while the secretary phoned for my father to come and fetch him. It was a shame really. Ben was so proud that he'd managed to find me.

  13. That rant sounds like something to anticipate! And congrats on the thesis, neatly classified and catalogued. How fun to see that for the first time.
    Good luck with all the work ahead!


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