Friday, April 11, 2008

I Break for Real Life

Life is stupid-crazy at the moment. Utterly frustratingly cluttered. This is that hellish moment in the semester when EVERYTHING comes due, there's a final push to fit in all the material, and the students are at an all-time low as far as interest and involvement go. Of course, I'm not much more interested or involved than they are, so I can't say much.
However, good luck reared its gorgeous head yesterday in the form of a job offer for summer. The college I work for full-time doesn't offer many English courses during the summer, so I was out of luck. However, the pre-curriculum department (developmental courses) offered me two remedial English classes for the duration of the summer. I'll be teaching two courses a day for 10 weeks adding up to a whopping 3 hours of work per day plus the commute. I HOPE beyond hope that I still have time for hacking away at a novel in the afternoons. I had a fantastique novel idea pop up the other day, and I think this one might finally stick. I won't divulge just yet, but I'm sure I'll let more details slip as time goes by.
While I was looking very forward to being a complete, worthless ass all summer, I suppose this employment thing could be good. After all, I do have a car payment and student loans hanging over my head. Thank God I'm a manic saver--I would've been fine unemployed all summer--but now I can breathe a bit easier and continue to nurture my nest egg. And I can go to my conference in June, AND I can go on a mountain vacation getaway with B. in May, AND I can fly to Texas before the summer is up. Whew! I'm tired just thinking about it.
In other news, I haven't had a chance to read very much the last few days. Between fits of grading I've barely opened How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents, so I might have to go half-finished to Monday night's book discussion. That's ok, I'm fine with socializing and wine even when I haven't finished the selection.
Watch for more Daisy pics before the weekend is up! I hope y'all have a good one.


  1. Oh darn, I saw that pile of money and I thought it was another giveaway. sigh. Congrats on the summer job!

  2. Awesome news on the job! Can't ever complain about that!! And hey, money = good!

    Can't wait to see Daisy pic's. Have a great weekend.

  3. I hope you can find time to write, too. I am in the same boat as you, but I am REALLY working on getting on a writing schedule.

    Have a good weekend, Andi.

  4. Sitting around in the sun being lazy gets old at some point (yeah right). However, extra money has a nice feel to it. congrats on the job! Its very nice that you're able to work in a few vacations!

  5. Congratulations on the summer job, Andi. I too hope you will be able to squeeze in time to write. If only money wasn't such a necessity sometimes . . .

  6. Nice work getting the summer classes. Developmental (remedial) courses are so great, but be prepared for the fact that they may not be able to go through the material fast enough in the summer. It's a great experience, but in the summer courses I've taught I lose a lot of students because it's simply too fast.
    That said, that extra cash will be nice, huh?

  7. Other than the fact that you can't have an entirely carefree summer I am thrilled for you that this came your way. I would be more thrilled for you of course if someone just gave you a pile of cash like the one in your picture so you could only write this summer though! :) Congrats!!!

  8. Oh, do find time to write that novel - I need company. Although admittedly I have been so overwhelmed at work that I haven't worked on mine in a week, and I really need to take some time from the next couple of days and remedy that situation. My summer deadline is slipping further and further away...

  9. Trust me, even if you think you're going to write a novel all day every day, it never works out like that. You'll have plenty of time.

  10. Terri, I wish! LOL Thanks!

    Funky, amen! And you'll LOVE these upcoming Daisy pics.

    Thanks, LK! I would imagine I'll start small. Probably shoot for an hour or so of steady writing every afternoon, and hopefully I'll find that I have the time and energy for much more. I have some preliminary research to do in the meantime. I try to sneak that in when I have time between classes or at night when I'm too bushed to write.

    Thanks, Kim! It is very nice to work in some vacations. I'm glad I chose teaching. I love the flexibility. :)

    Thanks, Wendy. Darn money. I keep trying to figure out ways to get by without it.

    Andi, I've taught a few developmental courses before, but never English in the summer. I know when I taught reading (two 5-week sections) we had to condense A LOT of material.

    Thanks, Carl! It was a big relief. Even though it'll be more driving and working and whatnot, I think I can still fit in a good bit of writing.

    I hope things flatten out again soon, Courtney! It's got to be frustrating not being able to do the writing you want to. Especially since you're so much further along with yours.

    Stu, as much as I would like to, I know I don't have the attention span for all day marathon writing. Two or three hours tops is probably all I can handle!

  11. Congratulations! I know how frustrating it can be to not have employment for months at a time. Although the time off is pretty sweet. I hope you do find the time to write, I'd love to be one of the first bloggers to review your book!! By the way, I have moved my blog (formerly PfeifferBooknotes) to Booknotes by Lisa at if you want to update your blogroll. I just got everything changed over and have been painting all week, so there aren't any new posts as of yet. But, I start on my new job tomorrow, and I'll get back into a routine soon.

  12. Thanks so much for letting me know, Lisa! I'll update my blogroll and add your new blog to my Google feed. :D

  13. Congrats on the summer job Andi! I'm sure you'll find time to work on that novel. So excited for you and of course can't wait until you can start telling us more about it.


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