Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Life in the Car

No book updates today. Since I was sick yesterday, I expected I might get a little reading done, but as it turns out all I did was sleep. Which was a good thing since I'm so exhausted I can hardly lift my head in the mornings, but it was still a drag since I REALLY want to finish The Sorrows of An American.

Since there's nothing to report outside of work, I figured I might as well report on the roughly 6.5 hours of solitude I do get every week: my time in the car. Also known as, my beloved commute. While I do get sick and tired of driving 40 minutes each way every day, it is useful in some regards. And on a somewhat unrelated note, Pandora the Prius hit 55 mpg this last tank. Wheee!

The last time I went to blow off steam at Books-a-Million I picked up the audio version of Anne Lamott's ruminations on faith--Grace (Eventually). Annnnd, it sucks. Well, OK, maybe that's a little harsh, but I really am not enjoying it.

1. Anne Lamott has the most whiny, flighty, airy voice I've ever heard. Very hippie Earth mother whatever whatever. And not in the great eco-Earth mother way that I enjoy.

2. Boring. Very.

Sooo, in the absence of a good audio book (and new podcasts since I've misplaced my iPod charger chord thingy) I must turn to music. Not that it's a chore or anything, but I can't update my music either since I can't find the iPod charger chord thingy (technical term). I'm forced to listen to the CDs already loaded. Currently spinnin':

Nightcrawler, Pete Yorn's bestest CD, in my opinion. I was first introduced to Pete Yorn by a good friend of mine whose "thing" in life--like books are my "thing"--is music. Of course, I ignored his recommendation completely until I heard Yorn play live. He opened for the Dixie Chicks when I saw them in 2006, and I was immediately impressed by his solo performance as well as his collaboration with the Chicks on a song from their documentary called "The Neighbor." He has a distinctive sound, he's a heck of a lyricist, and I totally love him now. I really should invest in some more of his music. You can stream one of my favorite songs, "Maybe I'm Right" HERE.

In other musical news, I hate Fall Out Boy, but I can't help but LOVE their new cover of Michael Jackson's, "Beat It." And guess who plays the guitar? One of my favorite lust-worthy guitar boys...John Mayer. It features one of the BEST dirty riffs ever. Right at the beginning, the screechy, hard-edged, screaming guitar riff. That's a dirty riff. It gets me all riled up.

Since there's no video of Mayer playing this particular song, and since John Mayer and Pete Yorn both have something in common: they both worked with the Dixie Chicks on the Taking the Long Way album, I'll just post a vid of them singing "The Neighbor" in Atlanta. In the context of the documentary, Shut Up and Sing, it's a total finger to the Bush administration. And that always makes me cheer.

Other musical goodies I highly recommend from the depths of my Prius:

  • Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace, by Foo Fighters
  • Who You Are, by Cary Brothers. He was featured on the Garden State soundtrack. His songs "Ride" and "Loneliest Girl in the World" are lovely. Stream his music HERE.

I've rambled far too long already. Hope you enjoy the musical nuggets! You know what I'll be doing in the car on the way home.


  1. There is nothing worse than a boring/crappy audio book. One of the things I love most about the Potter books on tape is that Richard Dale, the narrator, is brilliant. Obviously there are a million other reasons to love the series but a good narrator is always key! Ive only experienced one audio book where I hated the narrator but it may have also been that the book stunk. Sometimes I want to tell the author to spend a little cash and hire a voice over rather than do it themselves. Sorry yours sucks too!

    The Prius sounds fabulous. I have to go get gas on my way home from work! I am dreading it!!!

  2. Oh, knife to the heart . . . hear the pain in my "voice." I love anne Lamott. . . uuugh!! But I'm sorry you're not enjoying it.

    Might I recommend Sondre Lerche when you get the charger back - great driving music.

  3. Be careful what you're listening to in the car if you want to maintain those mpg. I seem to remember reading somewhere that listening to anything remotely rock can make you drive in a way that burns fuel faster. Between the environment and the current price of petrol, I might have to leave the metal at home for a bit and stick to folk.

  4. Hey!! With so much work to do lately, my blog hopping has been at a minimun...so I TOTALLY missed the post that said I WON!! How cool is that!! Thanks, Andi!!

  5. I so need to listen to Nightcrawler. I was completely obsessed with both his first and his second albums around the time they came out...I'd barely listen to anything else for MONTHS.

  6. Ugh, I hope you are feeling better! That Foo Fighter's CD is awesome. From start to finish, I can't find a bad song. My favorite is #6 though. I wish I could play guitar like that. *sigh*

    I've only read one Anne Lamott book, Bird by Bird. It was good. But I didn't have to listen to her, just read. I don't think I could listen to a reader that sounded like that either. Yikes!

  7. I second Heather. I heart Foo Fighters!

    Anyway, the Weekly Geek brought me here. I really enjoy reading your posts, even way back when I was a lurker and I read your thoughts on the graphic novel Fables.

  8. Amen, Funky! This is the second audio book I've more or less given up on this year. The first one was Burning Bright by Tracy Chevalier (totally not in the mood), and now Grace (Eventually). Of course, On Chesil Beach was a REALLY hard audio act to follow. The worst author-reads-own-book I ever heard was Ya-Ya Sisterhood. God, made me wanna die.

    LOL, Andi. I had no problem with Bird by Bird, and I might not have such a problem with this one if I didn't have to LISTEN to her! Urrrg! Will definitely check out Sondre Lerche.

    Stu, the cruise control is my BEST FRIEND. It keeps me from getting speeding tickets all the time, and I'm totally free to lash around and enjoy my rock music.

    Nymeth, all the more reason for me to buy the other CDs!! Thanks for the tip. :)

    I love #6, Heather!!! And #4 is my very favorite. I sing Long Road to Ruin ALL the time.

    Thanks for coming back, Lighthearted! Yay for Foo Fighters and Fables!

  9. I LOVE Cary Brothers... and I discovered him on the Garden State soundtrack. (((swoons)))

    I've never tried an audio book, but then again my commute is less than 5 minutes (yay me!) Sorry you got a crappy one.

  10. Yay Cary Brothers! I'm always really excited when someone else has heard of him.

  11. Wow. 55 mpg is awesome. Is that in town or on the freeway/interstate? My Mini gets 30 in town and 40+ on the highway. Thankfully, I don't drive very much, so a tank usually lasts close to a month.

    Anne Lamott is a hit-or-miss for me. I've read a few of her books and I can usually find one or two essays I can relate to, but overall, I have to agree. She's very whiny, self-absorbed, crass, etc. I'll skip Grace (Eventually). Thanks for the heads-up.

    Hope you're feeling better. Spring has sprung and we're sneezing up a storm here in Nebraska. Love the trees. Hate the pollen.

  12. Okeley dokeley, I confess. I'm a lurker sent here from Dewey. I'll be sure to skip the Anne Lamott on audiobook (unfortunately, I have the book book from the library :( I tried listening to Cormac McCarthy's "No Country for Old Men," but since I had seen the movie, it was exactly the same and also boring -- unlike the movie. Plus it was like 8 hours. Argh. Haven't heard Peter Yorn, sorry, I live in the sticks of Pennsylvania and all we hear is country here, but I definitely want to check him out after your review.

  13. I too liked Bird by Bird, but Anne Lamott in general? Ugh! I find her completely whiny and self-absorbed. I remember an easy she wrote in Salon complaining about how fat she is. Have you seen a picture of her? Please!

    I have so much Prius envy!

  14. Les, that mileage is an average of town and highway. It gets approximately 40-50 in town and about 50-60 on the highway. I love it! I don't get quite as much longevity out of a tank as you. I wish I didn't have to drive so darn far!

    And I totally hear you about the sneezing. The pine pollen here in NC had me in SAD shape for weeks. I love Zyrtec.

    Enjoy Yorn if you get around to hime, UnfinishedPerson! And I have that problem occasionally. I generally like book versions better than movie adaptations, but if I've already seen the movie it can certainly make the book extremely anticlimactic.

    Oh dear Lord, Purl! I probably would've thrown up if I'd heard her claim she's fat.


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