Friday, April 25, 2008

No Title Today

I'm exhausted. I couldn't even be bothered to come up with a title other than "No Title Today."

The interview on Wednesday went really well. I should know by graduation (May 8th) if I have the job. There's no guarantee I'll know by then, but that's their closest guesstimation. Keep those good vibes coming.

I finished reading Master, by Colette Gale, this morning and while I wasn't sure if I was going to like it when I started, I ended up enjoying it quite a lot. Keep an eye out for the May issue of Estella for a full review.

As for The Sorrows of an American, it's just fabulous. It's been really hard to put it down in favor of anything else lately. I'd rather read it than eat, sleep, or use the bathroom. I still do those things--unavoidable, you know--but I really try to hold out as best I can. I hope I can get it finished this weekend. I'm hoping for a couple of uninterrupted stretches of time, anyway.

I've gotten more or less caught up on paper grading this week. Just in time for a HUGE batch of research papers to come in next week--5 classes' worth, in fact. I will want to kill myself by the time May 8th and final grades roll around. At least I'll be occupied before I find out my fate as it pertains to my work.

For now, I'm off to work with a student and hopefully read for a few minutes before I leave the WC today. Y'all behave!


  1. I'd rather read it than eat, sleep, or use the bathroom.

    You can read AND do two out of three of those activities you know. Maybe a bit of the ewww factor.

  2. True, Terri, but I tend to be a poor multi-tasker. lol

  3. Everyone is so funny, today. To read and eat, you need to acquire one of those nifty little book chairs -- works great.

    I'll try to behave. You, too. Get some sleep, babe. :)

  4. andi, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and the job. I know how stressful that can be. In the meantime enjoy your reading.

  5. The bathroom is one of my favorite places to read, although really the tub mostly.

    Ok, so I bought The New York Trilogy in Bangkok and I started it this weekend. I got about 10 pages into it and then threw it across the room in disgust. Really? It's great? I was so annoyed by his meeting with Peter Stillman (is that his name?) and that whole autistic stream of consciousness speech that I had to have a drink. Does it get better?

    Should I try again? I really do want to like it, because I loved the last book of his that I read, but really, I just didn't get it.

  6. I'm glad the interview went well. Maybe if you're permanent, you'll get some say over when the papers are in, so you can stagger them a bit.

  7. I'm keeping you in my thoughts - they would be CRAZY not to hire you. Sounds like you will be mad busy the next few weeks - make sure to get those reading breaks in to keep you sanity!

  8. Best of luck! And sometimes, no title is needed :)

  9. Ooh, a book chair! Good idea, Nancy. :)

    Thanks, Lisa! I'm trying. :)

    Lu, I loved it. The first section is the most obscure from what I remember. It's all very "meta" and experimental, so it may not be your bag, but I enjoyed his end goal and all the connections to other literature. Good luck if you decide to go back to it.

    Thanks, Stu!

    I'm workin' on the reading breaks, Courtney. I'm hoping Daisy decides to nap a little today. Maybe then I can finish The Sorrows of an American!

    Thanks, Bleeding Espresso!

  10. I'm glad you feel the interview went well. Whatever the outcome (and I'm sure it'll be fine) at least you will know you couldn't have done any more.

  11. I know you are uber busy, but you get a chance to do some summer reading you should check out,"Beautiful Children" by Charles Bock. It was pretty good. I took it with me to read on the plane at CCCC's. I was supposed to read Paralogical Rhetoric by Thomas Kent but could not put the novel down.

  12. I'm with you on the research papers. I got mine last week but am procrastinating for today so that I can read and watch movies. . . I'll regret that later, but for now, I feel great.

  13. Eating and reading are two activities that can work together, I do that most mornings while I eat breakfast. It has led to a few stained books, but I willingly make the sacrifice :-)

    Good luck with your job! Hope the news is good.


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