Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Sunday Salon - Sexaayyy!!

While I recently recovered from a reading slump and took off into my reading again at a breakneck pace, I seem to have slowed down once again. I don't feel a slump coming on, but I am slammed with research assignments to write up for my students, essays to grade, and general end-of-semester craziness to handle. While I'm currently in the midst of giving up on one of my reads, I'm happily trucking along through the other. Although, I wish I could gulp it down just a wee bit quicker.

I review a lot of books. Or at least I have a lot of books on my review pile. It often takes me a while to get through them given my busy school schedule and my own picks in between. Right now the book I'm trucking through is a particularly interesting title for review in the May issue of Estella's Revenge. Master, by Colette Gale, is an erotic retelling of The Count of Monte Cristo. I don't read much erotica, admittedly, but I will pick one up when they come through for review.

I read Gale's first novel, Unmasqued, a retelling of The Phantom of the Opera and enjoyed it more than any other erotica I've picked up. It was tasteful, very readable, and fun since I really enjoy retellings. It took plenty of liberties with the original, but overall it was just a really fun read.

I'm only about 30 pages into Master, but so far I'm just as pleased as I was with Unmasqued. Here's hoping it holds up!

As for my other recent read, How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents, I absolutely cannot get into it. I'm sure it's a great book--I've heard plenty of others rave about it--but I just don't give a flip at the moment. That means I'll be going to my first face-to-face book group meeting having not read the book, but at least I've read enough that I can talk about why I didn't finish it.

For now I'm off to rejoin Edmond Dantes and Mercedes Hidalgo in Marseille. I hope everyone has a great Sunday!


  1. It's understandable that your reading will suffer with the end of the school year in sight.

    I haven't had too much exposure to reading erotica, but the book you are reading does sound interesting. I'll be curious to know what you think of it when you are done.

    I hope you have a great week, Andi.

  2. Just a quick shout-out, I’m still in Hong Kong for interviews--it feels weird and out-of-place to be actually “living” in hometown! Gotta go look for more books as I’ll be running out... :)

    Got a few books that are very good reads...drwoning in The Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian. I've also got Woman in White....

  3. It's still pretty good, Wendy. I'm around page 90 now, and I'm sure I'll finish it up pretty quickly.

    Matt, thanks for the update!!! I hope interviews are going well. :)

  4. I read How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents a while back and remember liking it, but if you're not in the mood for it, I'm all for setting a book aside! I loved The Count of Monte Cristo--it's one of my favorite books. I think I might blush to read a sexed up version of Dumas! :)

  5. I remember Unmasqued. Hopefully this will be just as good.

  6. Not that this has anything to do with your post other than in the most tangential manner, but just this afternoon I've seen a Bear dressed as the Phantom of the Opera. I wouldn't dare bring him home, all the Bears who already live here would want costumes too and before you knew where you were they would be cries of 'I know, let's do a musical'! It's all that marking, it's gone to my head. I hope you get through yours safely.


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