Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Wednesday at a Glance

Is it awkward for anyone else when someone in the elevator starts singing? It's that same sort of awkward as when someone talks on a cell phone in the bathroom stall.

Daisy is apparently part Pit Bull. She looks like a little, cute, miniature Pit. Everyone says so (upwards of five people now, many of them strangers, one of them a veterinarian). How crazy is that? I think I'll get her a spiked collar. She's tripled her weight since we got her on February 8th. She now weighs 12.1 pounds.

It costs approximately $16.20 less to fill up my Prius than it did to fill up my Accord. And I can go slightly longer on a smaller tank. It saves me around $80-$100 per month. I would hug my car if I could get my arms around it.

I haven't gotten to read for two days. To Kill a Mockinbird has been leering at me, taunting me, smirking and beckoning.

I have a head full of pollen and a headache to go with it. There's yellow dust in the cracks of our porch, on the grill cover, on the cars. I came in from playing with Daisy Lou the other day, and it was under my toenails. Eeww.

I paid all of my bills in one sitting this morning. Kill me now.

I'm off to ad a "Review Pile" section to the sidebar. Then I'm going blog surfing. See you there!


  1. TKaM! Yay!! *grin*

  2. People sing in the elevator?! With other people in there?! That is beyond weird, lol.

    I can't imagine To Kill a Mockingbird *leering* at you-your copy must have an interesting cover! ;)

  3. I tell you even weirder. There is a woman at work who talks to everyone while she's using the bathroom. And everyone includes herself. I've walked in and heard her talking, look under the stalls and, yep, she's all alone. Talking in a normal tone of voice, to herself. Strange.

  4. Oh yes, Daisy needs a spiked collar! I can already picture how fierce she'll look :)
    Can't wait to catch up on the latest Estella issue.

  5. Yeah, talking of the cell phone in the stall is wierd to me too. There's a man at work who does it and you can hear him all the way in the kitchen. Good luck with the allergies. My sinuses have been driving me crazy for two months. I can't wait to hear what you think of TKAM. Love the new look of your blog (yes, I know I'm late saying that;-)

  6. I've never actually had anyone sing on the elevator. But I can think of many times when people were talking on the cell phone in the bathroom.

    Sheesh. Some things just need to wait!

    I can't wait to hear what you have to say about To Kill a Mockingbird. I'm impatiently waiting!

  7. Oh, how I remember the yellow pollen from NC! Oddly, that's one of the states I lived in where i didn't have allergies, though. They were awful in MI - my doctor told me I was basically allergic to everything natural to the state. I'm waiting to see about PA...and I HEAR you girl about the talking on the cell phone in public bathrooms!

  8. That is incredible that Daisy grew that much that quickly!! Wow.

    Singing in the elevator is definitely awkward. Did you join in and sing harmony (or were you the initiator?)

  9. I could handle singing in the elevator a lot better than talking on the phone in the bathroom. That still really distubs me.

  10. In the realm of awkward, have you ever talked with one of your students about an assignment while you were both in the bathroom? That's my favorite of experiences, and it just keeps happening over and over again. Picture this - "Ms. Andi, what's due on Friday again?" she says over and under the steel metal wall that separates from me.

  11. I have not heard about singing in the elevator, but I had a job in cubicle land where a neighbor would sing while he worked. He also slept at his desk regularly and snored! He'd wake up loudly when a phone would ring!

    But I cannot handle cell phone conversations in the bathroom. Yikes!

    Have been enjoying reading about all your reading! I need a spring break! And I am so jealous of your Prius--damned student loans are keeping me from a new car for awhile.

  12. Well, I have not had anyone sing in the elevator, but remember the old janitor Carl? You know, the one that asked me if I was "a church woman cuz I wear dresses all the time?" If he happens to get on the elevator when I do, I get the run down of his trip to the doctor and how he has bunions on his feet.
    We have green pollen stuff EVERYWHERE!

  13. Donna, I thought of you and Heather when I picked it up!

    Eva, yes! How crazy is that? And leering might be the wrong word. But it's more the book as an object than, you know, Scout. She wouldn't leer.

    LOLOL, Heather! Our admin assistant has talked to me in the bathroom before (she's sweet, I don't mind so much even though it's a little uncomfortable), but self-talk in the ladies? NOT. SO. MUCH!

    She's ferocious indeedy, Iliana! lol

    Kristy!!! Will definitely let you know what I think of TKaM. And dear God, that would freak me out. Re: hearing him all the way in the kitchen. Ugg!

    Stephanie, I'm pretty impatient when it comes to TKaM, too! My reading has been minimal the last few days. I'm about to adjourn to the table awayyy from the computer in an attempt to catch up.

    Courtney, when I woke up yesterday morning I felt as if I'd been stuffed--full as full can be--with cotton from the neck up. OH the pain. It's been raining today, so it's not so bad. Maybe some of it will wash away.

    Kim, she's my amazing growing dog. And I would've totally joined in on harmony if I'd known the song. The only way to combat awkward is with REALLY AWKWARD!

    LOL, Becca. It's all a matter of degrees. Fundamentally, the phone in the bathroom is more disturbing, but the elevator thing is an oddity.

    Andi, I haven't had that pleasure, but now that you've mentioned it, I'm sure it'll happen tomorrow. Actually, I thank my lucky stars every day for faculty bathrooms. Yayyyy!

    Purl, my loans probably SHOULD'VE kept me from getting a new car, but I'm not above eating Ramen noodles on occasion, so I think I'll be OK. Kidding (sort of).

    Oh, Fem! You really didn't have to remind me of Janitor Carl. Ugg! lol

  14. A lot of peeps tell us that they think Lucy may be part pit. I have no idea. All I know is that I love that little bitch! hee hee...

    It was super nice here the other day and the pollen was already out of control. I'm sending my sympathy to you! I hate allergies.

    And talking on a cell phone in the bathroom is so weird! I mean, is there no sacred place for some peace and quiet?

  15. To Kill a Mockingbird was the most pleasant and moving surprise of my adult reading life. I have no idea how this book was missed as a child, but I read it a couple years ago and finally understood what everyone was talking about.

    Get to it, Andi! It's worth it!

  16. Nothing is more awkward than a guy who talks WITHOUT a headset or a phone in sight. You kind of want to leave him alone with his conversation.

    I always enjoy eavesdropping on toilet handphone conversations. Hey, it's something to do. :)

    Actually, get Daisy a fluffy pink collar. A half-pit bull in a fluffy pink collar is waaay more disturbing.

  17. Those are the same people who like to describe bowel issues to perfect strangers... weirdos!

  18. Funky, I need to look up a pit's temperament. That should tell me for sure if our Daisy is one. She's SO HARD HEADED! ARRR!

    I tell ya what, Stephanie, I absolutely LOVE IT. More to come on that later.

    Orpheus, good point. Bathroom conversations are so awkward, but so readily made for eavesdropping.

    LOL, Amanda. Right on!


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