Thursday, May 22, 2008

Completely and Utterly


  • Thought I broke my toe Monday. Must've been a really nasty, deep bruise.
  • Started back to work Tuesday. Love my classes. Love.
  • Papers to grade, house to clean, dog to amuse.
  • Not reading.
  • Cluttered head.
  • Must whittle obligations down to bare minimum to maintain some semblance of "Andi Time."

Will be back when I don't want to strangle innocent strangers or family members.

Appropriate song for current mood: "Gunpowder and Lead"...see Playlist at very bottom of blog. Listen. Repeat.


  1. Kill two birds with one stone and let the dog grade the papers. See, I can be helpful. (but only for a given value of helpful)

  2. I'm with Stu on this one . . . or even better, let the students grade their own papers - wouldn't that be a hoot? Do take that Andi time - you (and your students) need it.

  3. I didn't realize broken toes were contagious. I'm sorry if I gave it to you. :(

  4. Poor Andi. Sounds like you've had a rough few days. Of course, you just got back from vacation. It's always harder when you've been gone awhile.

    Hope it gets better for you!

  5. Be warned, I thought I'd broken my toe back in January (a disagreement with a supermarket trolley that the toe lost!). It turned out that mine was only deep bruising and that it would have healed much faster if it had been broken. I would say it's around 80% better now, but there are occasions when I still feel it. You may be in for a long haul.

  6. woah. "gunpowder and lead" is a little intense. why not try Shawn Colvin instead.

    sorry about the toe. if it makes you feel better, you can give the students really low grades.

  7. Isn't it supposed to be summer vacation? At least you love your classes. Enjoy the nice long weekend and I hope the toe feels better--ouch.

  8. Ooh, excellent idea, Stu. Now if only she had thumbs. It does make the grading easier.

    Andi, maybe I'll do the old "what grade do YOU think you deserve?" routine. hehe

    Nik, take this sucker back! It hurts!

    Stephanie, that's true. Overcoming a vacation is often the most troublesome part of the whole thing.

    Ouch, Ann! Mine is feeling better, so maybe it's on the mend for good. We'll see!

    Orpheus, I don't have it on the list, but "Sunny Came Home" might be a good one!

    Danielle, last summer was probably the only summer I've had off in five or six years. Blarrg!

  9. Glad I'm not a family member, and I hope I'm not an innocent stranger. I'm merely a blog friend, which means (I sincerely hope) that you don't want to strangle me!


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